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Oct 1, 2008 01:46 PM

M&M Ribs- Where and what?

Planning to go to M&M Ribs tomorrow- have read all previous threads and still not sure of location. The address is Puritan Ave but it seems that it is on Hampden Street near Dudley. Can anyone tell me exactly where it is- mapquest does not show Puritan to be anywhere near Dudley.
Also, if anyone has been recently and can recommend what is thebest there, that would be great. Thanks.

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  1. Sorry can't help haven't been in years and he has moved around but if you are in the area, I highly recommend that you try the pork ribs at Pit Stop BBQ on Morton Street if you have never tried them and then you can report back on the comparison.

    1. It's on the corner of Hampden and Norfolk..a few blocks W of Mass Ave and S of BCH.

      I had the ribs, pulled pork and mac n cheese..liked all of it. This was last summer.

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      1. re: 9lives

        I like the ribs and mac and cheese too. The chicken wings are also very good.

      2. I enjoy the ribs very much. Sometimes if you go too early, tho, they can be a bit tough ... I also enjoy their greens and sweet potato pie. Pigs feet are sometimes available and they are good too. Enjoy.

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          Here here on the sweet Potato Pie.

          I was not a huge fan of the Pulled Pork of the Ribs from M&M and probably won't be back.

          1. re: mjg0725

            Found it! Thanks to everyone for the directions and suggestions. It is a very unlikely place to get food. A dirt and gravel parking lot full of old truck trailers.
            First we ordered a sandwich to eat in the car. Chopped brisket sandwich. Very juicy, delicious brisket on a nice roll. Overflowing with meat. Extremely delicious. Ordered many things to go for dinner. Fried Chicken wings- I wish I had tasted them while there because, second only to the brisket, were very very good. Crispy outside, moist inside and not the least bit greasy. Got the small order- 4 very large wings. Would have gotten more. Also got an order of chopped barbeque (pulled pork) and ribs. The BBQ was very good. Interesting that they headline theri ribs- they were not at all good. Very tough and almost impossible to eat. The sides were all ver good. COllard greens nice and fresh but no discernible bacon - mild taste. The potatoes and onions were very goodbut no discernible onion tast- sort of cubes of potatoes in mashed potatoes. Spicy rice and beans were excellent but not quite spicy.
            I would go back for the sides, the friend chicken wings and chopped brisket but would not order the ribs again.

            1. re: emilief

              I have tried to find this place a couple of times and then just went to Pit Stop. Could anybody post the lat/long coordinates.

              1. re: drbangha

                appx 42.19.72 N 71.05.03W

                probably easier to call them at 617 825-6852...or go to google maps and search Hampden + Norfolk, Boston.

                It's not close to Pit Stop..Pit Stp is way south.

                How was Pit Stop?

                1. re: 9lives

                  I was at Pit Stop recently after about a three year hiatus; the original owners sold about one year ago. I usually only do the pork ribs and they were still quite good. The Pit Stop ribs come already sauced, however, and my preference is usually dry-rubbed with sauce optional on the side. I got the rib plate which was about 3-4 large, meaty pork ribs on top a couple slices of white bread. It cost about $6.

                  1. re: bakerboyz

                    I used to go to Pit Stop a lot a some years ago (before I ditched my car)but haven't been recently..old owners were alwys very nice. I recall he was a Boston firefighter who had moved up from SC. ..not too T or bike friendly from downtown..:)

                    Have to get over there and give them another try.

                2. re: drbangha

                  Make sure you enter Norfolk AVE not Norfolk St if you do a google search. If you take Melina Cass Blvd which is off MA Ave at a major intersection near Boston Medical Center at the Hampden Inn Hotel(I think that's the name of the new hotel), take a left on Hampden off of Melina Cass Blvd(only a couple of blocks), Norfolk Ave is on your left and it's right there on the corner. I haven't been there for a few months, but the last time I was, there was a banner tied to the chain link fence with their name. I have to agree with emilief about their ribs. I don't think they're as good as they use to be. Still pretty good, but not great like they once were. Another way to get there is if you know where the Victoria Diner is(near Speeds Hot Dogs). Take the side street across from the Diner and then your first right is Norfolk Ave. Go about 4 blocks to the corner of Hampden and you're there(M+M is in the lot on your right).

                  1. re: catsmeow

                    The banner is still there- a very large banner tied to the fence.