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Oct 1, 2008 01:45 PM

Best meals to bring on a flight?

Most domestic airlines are no longer serving meals or even snacks. Which is probably good since the food was mostly nasty. When I travel, I don't like to play roulette with what food may be available at the airport terminal.
What are some of the best meals you brought onto a flight? Whethere from home, restaraunt or fast food place?

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  1. I don't remember if it was outta Toronto or Montreal, but there was a Dunns Famous in the airport. I picked up two Montreal Smoked Meats
    (I'm not trying to incite a Dunn vs Schwartz vs Benns (yeah I know, they been closed for 3 years...) vs smoked meat vs pastrami....IM JUST SAYING)
    We opened the foil packets about 2 hours and 5 glasses of wine into the flight.

    I'll tell ya, the aroma was intoxicating, everyone in the cabin was salivating (the closer ones started looking particularly carnivorous) and it was just fantastic....

    Just as a side, my buddy and I had to fly to South America awhile back, along with another sidekick. We booked everything, including our in-flight meals on-line.
    My friend and I chose what looked like the best meals. For our sidekick, lets call him Tim, we chose the blandest possible meal for severely troubled diets.
    I think it consisted of plain yogurt, a sprout sandwich on white bread (no crust), skim milk, and saltines (no salt).
    We laughed our a$$ off and even more so later when we caved and told him our little joke...

    1. I like to keep it simple and bring something that doesn't smell and that won't draw much attention. Nothing is worse than being stuck next to someone on a flight that has brought something that smells/looks really good, or smells/looks really bad. I've been in situations where I've sat drooling at the person across the aisle's deliciously smelling (and presumably) tasting food--it made for a long flight where all I thought about was food! Likewise, I've been stuck to someone who pulled out some pungent smelling takeout and seriously thought I was going to have to ask for another barf bag or two.

      I usually stick with a sandwich, fruit, veggies, cookies, etc. It's nothing exciting, but I figure in such a confined, communal space that it's more pleasant for everyone else. I can eat a tasty meal before or after my flight.

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      1. re: pollymerase

        Seconded. There are some foods that just reek for hours afterward, like Subway sandwiches with onions. That smell can linger for an entire flight and it's not a pleasant experience. Plus, even if it smells good to me, it doesn't necessarily smell good to everyone else. I try to find something that does not smell much at all, like a salad or a sandwich without pungent ingredients. That combined with heavy drinking can make a person a nightmare neighbor. Typically I try to eat before a flight and just bring a snack along with me.

        1. re: pollymerase

          usually i have an apple and some almonds in my pocket.
          i can wait to have a good meal properly.

          the smelly food that some people have is just inconsiderate... eg.) the smell of McD's in that musty paper bag is repulsive.

          1. re: dumpycactus

            Fourthed! Please do not bring smelly food on your plane. Whether it smells good (to you) or bad (to others) is not something you can determine, and nobody wants to smell it regardless!

            I usually bring trail mix, string cheese, granola bars, maybe a banana. One can survive on those foods for most domestic trips.

            1. re: dumpycactus

              oh gosh, the stench of mcd's on an airplane is absolutely horrendous... makes me queasy just thinking of it. and that stench never has anywhere to go... too bad out windows don't vent and that whole pressured cabin nuisance...

              1. re: Emme

                I even hate smelling it in the office elevator!

                1. re: RGC1982

                  my mom's business partner hates when my mom pops popcorn in the office kitchen. i agree. the stench sticks on the microwave, and if it gets burnt, help everyone...

                  1. re: Emme

                    I remember working in one office where a person who got in early every morning would heat up microwave popcorn for breakfast. As much as I hate the smell of popcorn after lunch, it's even that much worse at 8am.

                    1. re: queencru

                      Someone in my office used to eat popcorn for breakfast too -- gross. What I think is even worse is the fake cheese smell when Lean Cuisines (or other frozen diet meals) are microwaved. So disgusting.

              2. re: dumpycactus

                I get pretty sick with all the smells that can waft around a plane. Usually I just pack some light snacks (granola bars, peanuts, etc) and get a solid meal in me when I land.

                1. re: basketRobbins

                  Fifth! I hope some of those posting below read this. I ride a bus to work in and out of nyc, the other day this man got on with a huge jar of garlic, the smell permeated the plastic. I love garlic, but this was awful. Other times folks get on with fried chicken, which I love, but the greasy smell can be nauseating.

            2. I don't usually like to bring a full meal, but rather a number of snacks. That way, I have a good variety to chose from in. Some of my favorite choices:
              hummus and carrots
              cheese and crackers
              gingersnaps (help with any queasy feelings)
              some good chocolate

              1. a tightly wrapped carne asada burrito.

                And when others bring fried chicken onto a flight, I salivate like Pavlov's dog....

                1. I bring PB&J's. Excellent!