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Oct 1, 2008 01:43 PM

Please help all you chowhounders!

My boyfriend & I and another couple are planning a trip in November. Late 20s/Early 30s.. looking for fun & casual (maybe somewhat trendy) places to dine and drink... Great atmosphere, good bar crowd, solid food. (No seafood)

Staying in Soho for 5 nights. Need suggestions for brunch, dinner, and late-night dining options. Money is not really an object, but not wanting to get too fancy. Here are a couple places I have in mind..

Brunch (good food, and also good bloody marys and mimosas):
Five Points

The Red Cat
Bar Blanc
Strip House
Blue Ribbon

I am open to all suggestions and critques.. as always, thanks for you help!! :)

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  1. Note that 5 Ninth is not really known for brunch. If you are planning to go to Five Points or Jane for brunch, I would definitely suggest reservations. The other four brunch places you have on your list are quite popular so expect long lines if you didn't make a reservation or if they don't accept reservations. Note also that Jane only serves 4 or so breakfasty items on Saturday, the bigger brunch menu is on Sunday.

    Would you consider Balthazar as a contender, BTW? They do a quite good brunch, as well as dinner, and are open late.

    Note that Blue Ribbon has multiple locations in and around Manhattan. I assume you are talking about Blue Ribbon Brasserie? It is very popular and the wait for a table for two can be long, even late at night. The food is great, though.

      1. For lunch/brunch, I would include Perry St. Delicious food and great value. Perilla and Bar Blanc are favorites of mine which I would not miss.

        1. Brunch is not my specialty but like rrems suggested Perry St. is very good.
          For dinner 'inoteca, Perilla, and Bar Blanc are great. I have not been to Strip House but it seems to be very popular. I'd like to add Alta and Momofuku Ssam as options

          1. I thought 5 points was pretty mediocre, I wouldn't go back there.

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              Brunch at 5 Points is highly dependent on what you order. For whatever reason, I've never been impressed with their baked egg dishes or eggs benedict dishes. But the lunch dishes, freshly squeezed juice blend, and starchy dishes are superb (French toast, pancakes, fritters, churros, etc.).