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Oct 1, 2008 01:30 PM

Special Restaurant in Saratoga

Going overnight to Saratoga with my husband for my 40th bday; it will be our first night away from the kids in many years. I know there have been many restaurants in Saratoga recommended, but where would you recommend for a romantic bday dinner for just adults? Thanks in advance!

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    Check out this huge thread. There is a lot of discussion of what is hot and not quite so hot in Saratoga right now.


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      Might be a little overwhelming for you to filter through all that info. Are you coming on a weekend or weekday? Some restaurants are "romantic" during the week, a bit noisy & crowded on weekends. How important is the food compared to the romantic aspect. Do you want or need to be downtown? What kind of price range are you looking at. This might help us narrow it down for you.

    2. i have the perfect place for you to celebrate.......i was just there last week on a business getaway and we had a great time...... the food was fabulous........from the bread to the's called chianti il ristorante..........
      check it out.....

      1. For romance, I'd recommend Chez Sophie or Chianti.

        1. Thanks for the replies thus far. We will be there on a Saturday night, and as it turns out it is Skidmore College Parents Weekend, so I'm assuming we should make reservations soon. When we go out, we look for the whole experience; ambiance, food, and service. I don't mind paying if it's wonderful. We will be staying on Broadway but we have a car, so it doesn't have to be downtown. I just don't want to come home and hear, "Oh, you should have gone to...."

          1. Got to second the recommendation on Chianti's, and have posted info on this place before. Do a search on Chiantis and you will get a number of hits on this board. May have trouble getting into the place, given it's Parents Weekend. In fact, given Parents Weekend, may have trouble getting into a lot of places.

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              Went with One Caroline Bistro as was recommended on another site, and I think you were all right.. We should have gone to Chianti's. One Caroline is a great, funky place with overpriced average food, and definitely not the atmosphere we were looking for. To top it all of, my brother made arrangements for a gift certificate to be waiting for me as my birthday gift, and the restaurant "forgot" to give it to me. When he called there days later to find out what had happened, they apologized, said it had never happened before, and offered him nothing as compensation. Needless to say, we won't be going back!