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Oct 1, 2008 12:53 PM

Massive price increase at Banh Mi Che Cali

Two weeks ago, banh mi on rolls at the BMCC on Brookhurst were $1.75 each, buy two get one free.

Today I walked into the Brookhurst branch (the one near Banh Cuon Tay Ho and the Boiling Crab) and the price had changed to $2.50 each, buy two get one free.

Baguette sandwiches remain $2.25 and not subject to the buy-two-get-one-free rule.

That's a 42% price increase. The sandwiches are no bigger. I think I'll stick with Banh Mi Cho Cu for now.

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  1. Same price increase at the Bahn Mi Che Cali at Brookhurst and McFadden (the one that looks like an old taco bell). Maybe the owners finally saw the "$5 Foot Long" commercials and decided to bump their prices up to half of that

    1. Where else can you get 3 sandwiches for $5?* I think everyone who orders the sandwich on a roll always buys the two to get one for free. $2.50 for a bahn mi on a roll seems to be in line with the rest of the market.
      So would you spend $5 for three on a roll or $6.75 for 3 on a baguette?

      He was probably starting to lose money on the deal when it was $1.75. Rather than do away with the deal he's still making it look like a bargain. I remember BMCC was charging $1.25 for the iced coffee when everyone else was charging $2, now I don't know what they charge. The business model is definitely low margins and high volume.

      *Oh wait...30 years ago you could get a sandwich at Philippes for $1.50 each.

      1. Sorry but if I'm going to drive all the way down to the OC with these gas prices, a 75 cent increase is really not going to come between me and my favorite Banh Mi's. And even at $2.25 (not to mention the three for two deal), it's still a bargain.

        1. True, it is a large percentage increase, but in absolute amounts, it's an extra $1.50 for three sandwiches. As much as we hate it, food prices will increase as time goes by.

          1. at least it wasn't a 42% increase on a wagyu steak at cut. lols.

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            1. re: wilafur

              what how much are the waghu at cut now? it used to be 20 dollars per oz, for a grand total of 120 for a six ozer or 160 for a half pounder.

              1. re: kevin

                just pointing out a hypothetical.

                a 42% increase on $1.75 is roughly a $0.75 increase (well, technically a 43% inc).

                a 42% incease on a $120 steak = $50 increase.

                basically just saying that although the % increase is large, the absolute dollar increase for the banh mi is minimal.

                1. re: wilafur

                  Yeah, you are right, kind of like sometimes when I go for a slice of pie and coffee I'll tip a couple dollars on top off that (so the tip is roughly 50%). Whereas if I do have a meal at Cut for $500 for two, I'm not necessarily going to tip $250, in that case it's also much harsher on the wallet.

                  I think in general a lot of restaurants are increasing their prices. And a penny saved is a penny earned (not really, but you get the picture).