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Oct 1, 2008 12:42 PM

Looking for suggestions: A good Rosé

Word on the street is they're back! Any particularly good ones out there?

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  1. Any Tavel from near Avignon, DomaineTempier, a bandol from Provence; chinon rose, a blush from the loire of cabernet franc

      1. Turkey Flat (Australia) is an excellent choice (around $18).

        1. crios rose of malbec, la manarine rose,

          1. My favorites (best flavor at the best price) are all from France or Spain.

            ***Domaine du Dragon “Cuvée Prestige” Côtes de Provence Rosé
            ***any Tavel or Bandol -- I especially like Chapoutier, ***Domaine Ott, ***Domaine Tempier, but these can be pricey.
            **Domaines de Fonsaintes Gris de Gris (Corbieres), from Kermit Lynch, about $12
            E. Guigal's Cote du Rhone Rose at around $11 a bottle
            Routas, from Provence, about $11.
            Domaine de la Mordorée Tavel
            Domaine de la Mordorée Côtes-du-Rhônes Rosé
            2006 Château de Ségriès Tavel
            2006 Château de Ségriès Côtes-du-Rhônes Rosé

            Spain, Rosado
            I especially like those from ***Muga
            ***Also, rosados from Cune, El Coto and Marques de Caceres, all about $12
            Bodegas Estancia Piedra Rosado from Toro, 100% Tinta de Toro (Tempranillo) $11

            Italy look for Rosato or Cerasuolo (a variation on the word cherry)
            Il Mimo, made from 100% Nebbiolo, about $14

            Edmonds St. John "Bone-Jolly"
            Solo Rosa from Jeff Morgan

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              Nice list. I recently tried a 2007 Ch. Simone Palette, which is, interestingly enough, a monopole.