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Looking for suggestions: A good Rosé

Word on the street is they're back! Any particularly good ones out there?

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  1. Any Tavel from near Avignon, DomaineTempier, a bandol from Provence; chinon rose, a blush from the loire of cabernet franc

      1. Turkey Flat (Australia) is an excellent choice (around $18).

        1. crios rose of malbec, la manarine rose,

          1. My favorites (best flavor at the best price) are all from France or Spain.

            ***Domaine du Dragon “Cuvée Prestige” Côtes de Provence Rosé
            ***any Tavel or Bandol -- I especially like Chapoutier, ***Domaine Ott, ***Domaine Tempier, but these can be pricey.
            **Domaines de Fonsaintes Gris de Gris (Corbieres), from Kermit Lynch, about $12
            E. Guigal's Cote du Rhone Rose at around $11 a bottle
            Routas, from Provence, about $11.
            Domaine de la Mordorée Tavel
            Domaine de la Mordorée Côtes-du-Rhônes Rosé
            2006 Château de Ségriès Tavel
            2006 Château de Ségriès Côtes-du-Rhônes Rosé

            Spain, Rosado
            I especially like those from ***Muga
            ***Also, rosados from Cune, El Coto and Marques de Caceres, all about $12
            Bodegas Estancia Piedra Rosado from Toro, 100% Tinta de Toro (Tempranillo) $11

            Italy look for Rosato or Cerasuolo (a variation on the word cherry)
            Il Mimo, made from 100% Nebbiolo, about $14

            Edmonds St. John "Bone-Jolly"
            Solo Rosa from Jeff Morgan

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            1. re: maria lorraine

              Nice list. I recently tried a 2007 Ch. Simone Palette, which is, interestingly enough, a monopole.

            2. Tempier (Bandol)
              1+1=3 (Spain, forget where)
              Bodegas Nekas "Vega Sindoa" (Spain, forget where, SUPER-CHEAP)
              Saintsbury "Code Pink" (CA)

              Too many Italians and Tavels to name, but I'd actually look to that ountry and region (respectively) first...

              1. (Tongue-in-cheek:) Krug Rosé.

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                  Taittinger Comtes, Dom Perignon, Billecart NV, Billecart Elisabeth...


                  (Actually, my favotire rose wine, still or sparkling, ever tasted, is the '96 Billecart Salmon Cuvee Elisabeth)

                  1. re: whiner

                    Rosé Champage is so lovely, so delicious, so fun, so wonderful with food, so....

                    1. re: maria lorraine

                      Hi Maria,

                      You seem to have the same taste as my wife and her sister - they don't drink Ruinart's Rose Champagne - they make it disappear, and fast.

                      Christina 216,

                      If you're into it, here are some excellent German alternatives that have the hint of mangos and maracujas.

                      Weingut Nelles
                      Göppinger Straße 13a
                      53474 Heimersheim/Bad Neuenahr
                      Tel. +49 2641 - 24349
                      Fax: +49 2641 - 79586

                      Weingut Gies-Düppel
                      Am Rosenberg 5
                      76831 Birkweiler
                      Tel.: +49 6345 – 919156
                      Fax: +49 6345 - 919157

                      Heilbronn-Erlenbach-Weinsberg e.G.
                      Binswanger Straße
                      74076 Heilbronn
                      Tel.: +49 7131 - 1579-0
                      Fax: +49 7131 - 1579-39

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                      thumbs up for the Billecart Salmon Brut Rose Champagne (non vintage)

                      1. re: fresnohotspot

                        Couple of my favorites this year:
                        Bailly Sancerre Rose
                        Tempier, (yes wicked expensive but it is a $40.00 bottle of wine...harder when it is a Rose but I drank it last night....so good)
                        Domaine Sorin
                        Chateau la Canorgue
                        Clos Marie, (hard to find but exciting as hell)
                        Patton Pinot Noir from Oregon....I am a French fan but this is really fantastic
                        Chateau de Puligny-Montrachet Bourgogne
                        Domaine Fontsainte
                        I wont even get into the bubbles......

                      2. re: whiner

                        how about some larmandier-bernier?

                    3. Etude Carneros (California) Pinot Noir Rose, 2006. I think this sets the standard for domestic roses. $17.

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                        Oh, my! I cannot believe I didn't think of that. This is one of the finest still CA Roses I've tasted.

                        Bravo on the suggestion!

                      2. Look for the Pretty Sally Estate Rose $15 range.

                        1. yum, Rose!

                          Mas de Gourgonnier, Vision Cellars and Chimney Rock are my current affordable faves. Did splurge on a bottle of Domaine Tempier this summer. Sometimes you just HAVE to....

                          Rose Champagnes are so wonderful. Best qpr, i think is Nicolas Feuillatte's which can be had at Wine Library for $34!