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Oct 1, 2008 12:24 PM

Bombay 2 Deli - MSP

Still open tonight or closed for good? I thought I read on here that today was their last day open, as they are closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

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  1. their last day was today unfortunatley but the way these people are they will never let a customer down. they're so down to earth that they'll do anything to keep their customers happy even if they just fry a samosa or two for you:)

    i'm gonna miss the the most:( i've been their first customer and certainly not the last! where ever they us "northeast" customers will follow:)

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    1. re: angle3

      They told me last night they may be opening an uptown location in the future.

      1. re: salvage7

        FINGERS CROSSED!!!! (double fingers crossed that by uptown they meant st paul!)

        1. re: tex.s.toast

          Reshma told me that they were looking at a location downtown in the skyway. They would probably just offer somosas, however. She also said her brother was thinking about offering delivery service!

          A lot is up in the air, as I gather from the couple of conversations I've had with her. The main reason they're closing is that her father, who has run the grocery for so many years, wants to retire.

          Reshma collected an email list before their last day, promising to keep their customers informed about where they land. One of us will surely post as soon as we hear anything!

    2. Nooooooo! I specifically got online today to ask you folks if anyone knew if B2D was going to have a Diwali celebration again this year. I’ve been looking forward all year to getting more burfi! Instead I find out it’s closed. It's gonna to take me a minute to recover here...

      1. Has anyone seen or heard where Bombay 2 Deli is opening in the skyways? I always look for it when I'm walking around but haven't found it yet.

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        1. re: StPauliGirl

          Has anyone heard anything about Bombay 2 Deli? I miss it!

          1. re: nessiemarin

            isn't it above the new hell's kitchen. . . um, in skyway land. . . er, somwhere? (yeah, i try to never go up there, but i saw B2D's sign the last time i was at hell's-- which was a while ago actually. am i being totally *not* helpful?

            1. re: soupkitten

              You are probably thinking of Bombay Bistro, which is in the Metro Building above Hell's Kitchen.

              I rove the skyways from time to time looking for Bombay 2 Deli to open somewhere. I will let you know if it appears.

              1. re: StPauliGirl

                *doh!* sorry if i got anyone's hopes up.