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Oct 1, 2008 12:24 PM

Pazza Luna - Baltimore, Locust Point

Can all you Baltimore foodies PLEASE frequent frequently Pazza Luna in Locust Point. My husband and I are absolutely addicted to the quality food created there every single time we go - last night we had lobster ravioli and swordfish topped with spinach infused mashed potatos with mussels. YUMMY. With all the restaurant closings in the area, we really, REALLY would like that restaurant to stay open. Thank you in advance.

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  1. I try to! It's my favorite neighborhood casual Italian place as well. And for those Chowhounds who aren't city denizens -- I live in AA County and it's an easy trek both miles-wise and parking-wise to head to Locust Point. Easy access from I-95, just before the tunnel.

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      I have been to P.L. and had less than decent experiences each and every time. Service has never been good---lacklustre bordering on lazy. The servers I have had do not seem to know even the basics of the menu.....every simple question was met with, "I'll go check..." Food does not cut it. Overcooked, salt drenched veal scallopine that was inedible. Lunch sandwiches served with slate-hard, dried up meats (crappy quality North American "prosciutto" in an "italian" restaurant is unacceptable) the soggiest blown out "fries" (read: potato wedges) and don't even consider the espresso----it is pis du chat. I wanted to like this joint as the first incarnation of years ago was superb. This version does not deserve to print the name of Pazza Luna on the menu, let alone over the door.

    2. My husband and I ate there two years ago with a group of friends and were unimpressed. We gave Pazza Luna another chance recently (about 3 months ago) and have been back six times since because it was MUCH better. I loved with the pear-ricotta ravioli with sage sauce they had for Restaurant Week and last week I tried the butternut squash ravioli which was wonderful. They also serve a prosecco which has officially become our favorite but I can't recall the name of it right now.

      There have been a few small mishaps during our recent visits, like when they ran out of zucchini blossoms and served the dish without mentioning they were omitted and using under-ripe mango in an appetizer. Both dishes were still very tasty and when we brought the issues to their attention, the staff was very apologetic and quick to offer amends. We'll be regulars as long as the food and responsive service remain at recent levels.

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        It has changed owners since your trip two years ago. The current team running the place is from Sotto Sopra, IIRC. There is no reason why the recent service and food won't stay at the caliber you describe.