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Oct 1, 2008 12:23 PM

help--what kind of dough for Isreali spinach pie?

I need to make Isreali spinach pies, and I don't know what type of dough to use.

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    1. If you can find a recipe for Burek, an mideastern alternative with phyllo, but big, do it, beats the little ones hands down, a real WOW

      1. Phyllo is easy since it is ready made but another type of stuffed pie is a sambusak. The dough is made with flour or I use part flour and part cream of wheat or semolina. This gives a slightly gritty texture but good.

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          I haven't had "Israeli" spinach pie, but I'd imagine sambousa dough is exactly what you'd want for spinach pie from that part of the Middle East.

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            I have had an Israeli spinach pie in Israel that was actually prepared without a dough base thus less pie-like and more a pancake containing breadcrumbs to hold it together. The final step was to crack a fresh egg in the middle of the pancake and place it in the oven to set. It was delicious!

        2. My old roommate used to be Israeli and ate spinach boureks (sp?) often. I believe it was either made with filo or puff pastry.

          1. If you mean this is like a triangular pastry with spinach filled, slight sour taste and sometimes onions then you can use a recipe under "fatayer dough" (google search)