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Oct 1, 2008 12:06 PM

enchilada sauce

Does anyone have a good recipe for enchilada sauce? I have tried Emeril's sauce but found the consistency too thick and it just didn't taste that great either... Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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  1. I am a little shy about giving my receipt as I was criticized by someone as making enchilada
    sauce like a restaurant a while back. Anyway this is not her Grandmaw's but It works.
    Make a rue with oil and flour, brown garlic in the rue at the end. Add water or broth until it is the
    consistency you like. Add Chimayo Chili to taste. Add salt. If you wish to sex it up
    add grated cheese at the very end to taste.

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      Paul, you should never feel shy about posting on this site - it's a public forum. I swear, people get so high and mighty sometimes... I'm pretty sure that recipe you gave is a standard chile colorado sauce that I saw a version of in Saveur.

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        totally agree. thanks for sharing.

    2. I made this chow recipe a couple of months ago and thought it was really good

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        I also had good luck with this recipe, but substituted beef broth for veg broth - it was a bit too strong so next time will stick with recipe.

      2. It's not really a recipe, but I saute onions in olive oil, add garlic, salt, a little cumin and some chili powder, and then add a can of tomato sauce. I also usually add a chipotle in addobo all chopped up with some of the juice. Simmer for about 20 mins. I think dip in corn tortilla, roll with chicken, cheese, olives, corn and cheese, and lay in a dish. Top with remaining sauce and cheese and bake at 350 until hot and bubbly. They are how my mom made them and they're delicious!

        1. Maybe not a true enchilada sauce, but works well. I do use it for enchiladas and other stuff...
          Here's mine:

          handful chopped green pepper
          handful chopped onion
          4 cloves garlic chopped
          3 TBL cumin
          2 cans (680ml) tomato sauce
          handful chopped cilantro
          3-5 C chicken broth

          Sweat veggies (don't brown) in some oil
          add cumin, cilantro, stir
          add sauce, stir, bring to simmer
          add broth to slightly watery-than-you-want consistency
          return to simmer
          cook until desired consistency

          You can add various spicy elements (spicier peppers, cayenne, or crushed pepper) to your liking.

          1. In my family we have the scratch method and the lazy method. (I fear I'm going to get grief for this) Neither of my recipes have measurements. One was my grandmother's and the other my mother's.

            From scratch is where you toast the dry chilies. Once they've cooled you seed and stem them. Mix in saucepan with chicken broth, onion, garlic, ground cumin, maybe chili powder, to taste. Simmer then add to blender; blend until smooth. Season as needed.

            The lazy method is made from a can of Las Palmas enchilda sauce...check the label it's the same basic ingredients as the above. You begin with a rue of oil/lard and flour; brown. Add enchilada sauce, chicken broth or bouillion (to flavor, you can always add more), cumin, maybe chili powder, tomato sauce if you need it, and simmer until the thickness of gravy.

            If you like a sweet enchilada sauce you can add piloncillo to either recipe.

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              Our from scratch recipe is basically the same as yours and I completely agree with you wrt recipes for this kind of thing. I make tamales every christmas and inevitably, someone always asks for the recipe. It's one of those, "I can tell you what's in it, but I could never give you the amounts" because I never measure and every time, the amounts are different. Too many variables.

              Instead, I just invite them to come over the following year and help. :)

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                Hi tlegray, I just made your "from scratch" recipe and even though I didn't have measurements it turned out excellent. I ended up using 3 of each guajillos and pasillas , small onion, 2 garlic cloves, dash of cumin and chili powder, 2 cups chicken stock and 1 cup water. A question for you is do you strain yours? And what do you typically fill/top your enchilladas with? Thanks for any info!