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Oct 1, 2008 11:49 AM

Where can I find the best donairs chicken or beef in AB?

Saw some old posts about donairs but I'm wondering if anyone has any favorites in Calgary or Edmonton?

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  1. Calgary: for "donair" or ground meat on a spit, gotta go with my two neighbourhood options, Sammy's on 17th SW and Shawama Knight a block west on 14 St. For "shawarma," I am slain by the excellent options at Village Pita in Short Pants Plaza and Tazza in Bridgeland.

    1. Edmonton:

      As well as making the best pitas in town, Sunbake Pita Bakery on the northside makes excellent chicken shawarma. Their sauce and pickles are what really set off the dish, but the chicken is delicious too. They don't make beef shawarmas, but they do have have sfihas, which are what I usually get.

      I like La Shish, but I find it depressingly inconsistent. Sometimes I will wonder why I don't eat there once a week, and then on my next visit I will remember. If you are lucky it could be a great donair. I haven't tried the west end location yet; maybe they are more solid?

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        I tried Al Bert's on 118ave & 97st today. It was pretty good. The beef shawarma was a bit tough, but well spiced and tasty. The rice had a toxic yellow colour, but it had a fine clove and cardamom taste to it. The hummus was heavy on tahini and really good, and they use my favourite brand of pita. The chicken shawarma was excellent, maybe giving Sunbake a run for its money. Not flawless, but I will return.

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          Yes they're pretty good. Loved the Hummus there. I'll hv to try Sunbake.

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            If you like Sunbake, be sure to try their "Lebanese pizza"! They are made fresh, to order and you can have either spinach/cheese or beef/tomato. The mixture is spread on hand flattened pita dough and then baked in their oven. They are sooooooooooooo delicious, particularly with lemon juice and hot sauce over it, then rolled up to take and go. Best part? They're 1.50 a piece and VERY filling - although I've been know to get one of each ;)

        2. Try for more fairly recent Edmonton suggestions.

          1. Edmonton: my usual day time jaunt is over to King Donair (34th ave/99 St) and late nights we always end up at Worlds Finest Donair (Jasper Ave/121 Street).

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              I'll second World's Finest Donair.

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                I like the Kiing Donair too but they're a bit pricy. Their combo specials are not really specials.

              2. Someone has to say it. Jimmy's A&A on 20th ave NW. I saw the same name on a deli in the Rocky Mountain Plaza across from (or beside? the main door is on the corner) the downtown library. Is it the same people?

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                1. re: sharonanne

                  I'll say it with you! Just haven't been in a while.

                  The one in Rocky Mtn Plaza is indeed owned by Jimmy- as is Mediterranea on 4th SW but last time I wandered by there it looked forebodingly closed. It was a Sunday I think; maybe closed Sundays?

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                    It's been five or six years since i went to SAIT and had a donair from Jimmy's. Really loved the place. The lineups around lunchtime were huge back then. Sounds like their still going strong.

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                      Jimmy actually recently sold the one in Rocky Mountain Plaza. (The entrance is midblock on 6 ave, 'twixt Macleod and 1st E for those looking.) The new owners are friends of Jimmy, and, I've been told, have pledged to maintain the same chicken, which is good, because it's absolutely delicious. There are now actual legit tables and chairs instead of the glass bar thingies that looked good, but were totally impractical for sitting at and eating on.

                      I still may prefer Tazza to A&A, but the latter is more convenient. Falafel King's chicken isn't as good, although it's still worthy of a meal, and the overall sandwich has a better mix of toppings IMHO.

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                        i was waiting for that, I used to live near SAIT and went there all the time