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Where can I find the best donairs chicken or beef in AB?

Saw some old posts about donairs but I'm wondering if anyone has any favorites in Calgary or Edmonton?

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  1. Calgary: for "donair" or ground meat on a spit, gotta go with my two neighbourhood options, Sammy's on 17th SW and Shawama Knight a block west on 14 St. For "shawarma," I am slain by the excellent options at Village Pita in Short Pants Plaza and Tazza in Bridgeland.

    1. Edmonton:

      As well as making the best pitas in town, Sunbake Pita Bakery on the northside makes excellent chicken shawarma. Their sauce and pickles are what really set off the dish, but the chicken is delicious too. They don't make beef shawarmas, but they do have have sfihas, which are what I usually get.

      I like La Shish, but I find it depressingly inconsistent. Sometimes I will wonder why I don't eat there once a week, and then on my next visit I will remember. If you are lucky it could be a great donair. I haven't tried the west end location yet; maybe they are more solid?

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        I tried Al Bert's on 118ave & 97st today. It was pretty good. The beef shawarma was a bit tough, but well spiced and tasty. The rice had a toxic yellow colour, but it had a fine clove and cardamom taste to it. The hummus was heavy on tahini and really good, and they use my favourite brand of pita. The chicken shawarma was excellent, maybe giving Sunbake a run for its money. Not flawless, but I will return.

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          Yes they're pretty good. Loved the Hummus there. I'll hv to try Sunbake.

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            If you like Sunbake, be sure to try their "Lebanese pizza"! They are made fresh, to order and you can have either spinach/cheese or beef/tomato. The mixture is spread on hand flattened pita dough and then baked in their oven. They are sooooooooooooo delicious, particularly with lemon juice and hot sauce over it, then rolled up to take and go. Best part? They're 1.50 a piece and VERY filling - although I've been know to get one of each ;)

        2. Try http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/434434 for more fairly recent Edmonton suggestions.

          1. Edmonton: my usual day time jaunt is over to King Donair (34th ave/99 St) and late nights we always end up at Worlds Finest Donair (Jasper Ave/121 Street).

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              I'll second World's Finest Donair.

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                I like the Kiing Donair too but they're a bit pricy. Their combo specials are not really specials.

              2. Someone has to say it. Jimmy's A&A on 20th ave NW. I saw the same name on a deli in the Rocky Mountain Plaza across from (or beside? the main door is on the corner) the downtown library. Is it the same people?

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                  I'll say it with you! Just haven't been in a while.

                  The one in Rocky Mtn Plaza is indeed owned by Jimmy- as is Mediterranea on 4th SW but last time I wandered by there it looked forebodingly closed. It was a Sunday I think; maybe closed Sundays?

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                    It's been five or six years since i went to SAIT and had a donair from Jimmy's. Really loved the place. The lineups around lunchtime were huge back then. Sounds like their still going strong.

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                      Jimmy actually recently sold the one in Rocky Mountain Plaza. (The entrance is midblock on 6 ave, 'twixt Macleod and 1st E for those looking.) The new owners are friends of Jimmy, and, I've been told, have pledged to maintain the same chicken, which is good, because it's absolutely delicious. There are now actual legit tables and chairs instead of the glass bar thingies that looked good, but were totally impractical for sitting at and eating on.

                      I still may prefer Tazza to A&A, but the latter is more convenient. Falafel King's chicken isn't as good, although it's still worthy of a meal, and the overall sandwich has a better mix of toppings IMHO.

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                        i was waiting for that, I used to live near SAIT and went there all the time

                      2. strathmore just got one, not bad ,very small place ,donairs are all he does,very tasty

                        1. Amin Donair on 7th Avenue SW in Calgary (between 1st St and Centre St). It's a halifax style donair, with sweet sauce, and very little in the way of veggies. The flavor of the meat is just fantastic, and you do get a massive amount of it in your pita.

                          It's on one of the worst blocks in the city, so grab your donair and go, unless you also need to pawn a guitar and buy some crack.

                          1. Maina's Donair in Beaumont (straight down 50th st from Edmonton) has amazing chicken and beef donairs...choice of sauces and veggies too. Served steamed and the cheese is all melty :-) I love the way they wrap them so you can actually eat them without them spilling all over the place too.

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                                you can have them put a mozza cheese on if you like...I like

                            1. Calgary: Gotta put my vote in for the Desert Deli in Forest Lawn. It's run by a Lebanese family, and the donairs and Chicken shawarmas are my favourite in the city. They also bake their own Middle Eastern pastries, which are very tasty. It's not much to look at, but there's a reason it's always packed at lunch.

                              Don't be afraid to go to the Lawn - the other 17th Avenue! Some of Calgary's best ethnic food is there.

                              Desert Bakery & Cafe
                              1830 52 St SE, Calgary, AB T2B, CA

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                                You're right ! They have very tasty donairs. Nice little place. Love those family owned places.

                              2. El Rouhaa is hands down the best chicken shawarma. Sorry A&A fans, but their shawarma is about as authentic as something McDonalds would put out! We have literally drove through the city sampling shawarma and El Rouhaa is closest to anything I have had in the Middle East. A bonus is, it's CLEAN!

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                                    Ah, found it, 52nd St and Westwinds NE.

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                                      so john was it good? should i make a trip out there?

                                1. The question was about donairs, people, not shawarma. "Donair" is a word you probably won't hear outside of Canada. (It's a bastardization of "Döner", which is Turkish for "turn", as in turning the meat on a skewer).

                                  Donairs can have cheese (but usually don't), and in Eastern Canada always come with a sweet sauce. Donairs are likely to be different from anything you've had in Europe or the middle east.

                                  I love shawarma too, but let's stay on topic! Also, the A&A downtown is terrible. Quantity over quality.

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                                    You hear the word "donair" or at least its cognates all over the world- well, all over Europe.

                                    In Germany, a "chicken donair" (Haenschenfleisch Doener) IS closer to what we would call a "chicken shawarma." But on Armenian-style bread and IMHO generally a lot a tastier than what you find here. HUGE one I had in Koeln last fall:


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                                      That's just it, they use the Turkish word "Döner". And you're right, it's delicious. I had one in Berlin. I think they put yogurt in them? Shawarma King on Kensington Rd. is the closest I've had to that style.

                                      But the "Donair", to me, is from Canada circa late-70s, and probably has its roots in gyro/souvlaki.

                                      Of course, I haven't been all over the world, so I can't say for sure.

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                                        Most German places have some or all of "spicy," "garlic," and "yogurt" sauces (scharf, knoblauch, and joghurt. auf deutsch)- the closest approximation I've found here is at Sammy's on 17th, but there are LOTS of donair places I've not tried in Calgary!

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                                        What's the white stuff on your fries?

                                      3. Amin Donair on 7th Avenue between Centre and 1st. Just west of the Hyatt and the Palomino. Super-friendly guy and the freshest stuff around. He makes all his owns sauces too. As for the street, the crack heads have moved on. Most of the buildings have been sold and are slated for redevelopment. Hurray!

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                                          You do realize that probably means the end of Amin Donair. :(

                                        2. Not sure if anyone on here has ever been up to Fort McMurray (Why would you?) but they have two donair places that have been locked in a perpetual donair war for as far as i can remember (Fifteen years or so). Both are delicious but maybe that's because i grew up eating them. Anyways they serve their donairs with either sweet sauce (Boo!) or this so called "sour cream". But it's not really sour cream but more like tzaziki though not quite the same. Also it usually comes in a giant industrial size bucket. My limited donair experiences in Edmonton and Calgary lead me to believe that this is not available in most places. Anyone see it around?

                                          1. Red Deer... Kind Donair on Ross Street, right downtown accross from the Royal bank. They are cheap, massive, and he makes three sauces, a tzaziki, a sweet, and a garlic, also his own hummus. He sells baklava, and other treats too. Chicken shawarma, as well as beef donair.. my favorite..

                                            1. my pick for a great donair (just like the ones in Halifax, NS) is Babylon Foods. Babylon is located across the street from China Rose restaurant on 28 street SE Calgary.

                                              the offer, beef, lamb, chicken, or a mixture (beef & chicken is great!) and the portion sizes are perfect. the Sweet sauce is a default, but you can try other sauces as well (but why?).


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                                                I have to agree with you about the sauce, I don't see a reason for anything other than sweet sauce...sooooo good!

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                                                  Well, with a non-ground shawarma I find the perfect sauce mix is garlic and tahini- I've experimented with sweet added to the mix and it's actually pretty nice, but I'd never eat a shawarma without tahini.

                                                  A donair (Canadian style, ground meat) absolutely benefits from sweet sauce and is awful with tahini for some reason. You know, I resisted sweet sauce for so long and am sorry I did!

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                                                    Glad to see you've come to the sweet sauce side! And I agree with your tahini comment, as I was talking with specific reference to the Canadian donair.

                                                    1. re: chewy_bakah

                                                      This by no means is a complete list; but I've seen options for a garlic style sauce, different hot sauces, the above mentioned tahini, tzatziki, ranch as well as the sweet sauce. I think if I remember right I've even witnessed a sort of thick dill sauce, but I cold just be imagining that one.

                                                  2. El Rouhaa is by far the best Chicken Shawarma I have had outside of the middle east. I've even scoured NYC for a good one, but El Rouhaa still wins and it is spotless!

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                                                      I've heard great things about this too- though the gold standard for shawarma in North American is Montreal and Ottawa, not NYC.

                                                    2. In Edmonton, I was always a big fan of Mr. Donair on Stony Plain Rd. It's a Halifax style donair. The place is a bit of a dive, but the food is damn good. I always try to stop there if I find myself in Edmonton visiting friends and relatives or taking in an Oilers game.

                                                      In Lloydminster there's a place that was called "The Donair Cafe". They've since changed their name, but they made a very tasty Halifax style donair... although it was pretty pricey ($10 for a super with cheese).

                                                      I haven't found a great Halifax style donair in Calgary yet, but I plan on checking out Amin now. :) If I really need a fix, A&A downtown does the trick in a pinch.

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                                                        Sammy's on 17th SW at 12 St- they get their donair meat from Hfx!

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                                                          I admit, I have never been too impressed with sammy's. Living right up 11th st I have been convinced a couple times to stop in after catching the smells coming out, however, the shawarma seemed to lack substance to me. No opinion on the donairs, I havent tried them. After having donairs in Turkey, the ground stuff here just didnt seem too apealing. The middle east definately spoiled me, 10 years in Saudi Arabia and the UAE have left me searching for something that comes close but so far, no luck.

                                                          1. re: Pintye

                                                            I love Sammy's. I haven't had the donair, but the beef shawarma was small, simple and tasty, not a garlic sauce-drenched 1-lb mess like at A&A. The baba ghannouj is great too.

                                                      2. I'm a fan of Queen Donair in Edmonton on Jasper / 108 Street. Very similar to the donairs I had in Halifax. Though they do use cheese and lettuce - but you can ask them to hold them of course!

                                                        1. I really like High Voltage on calgary trail. They grill the pita bread to make it flat which is a really nice touch.

                                                          1. I accidentally stumbled into Desert Pita (corner of 17th Ave SE and 52nd St). this is bar none the BEST donair I have ever had. Something about the crunchy pickled cabbage that was absolutely OUTSTANDING. I have been back 3 times in 2 weeks - I'm addicted!

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                                                              i had a chicken shwarma there once, and was totally underwhelmed (dry meat with no seasoning? what gives?). will try to get over and try the donairs though, since i'm always looking for new places with awesome donairs. thanks!

                                                              1. re: jsfoodchat

                                                                Desert Pita has a GREAT roasted eggplant pita - I have it every time I go. Everything else I have tried has just been OK.

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                                                                  Agreed desert pita beef don air is the best I've ever had. It's one of my go to restaurants for a quick bite. Very good baklava too!

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                                                                    Another big thumbs up for Desert Pita. The Shish Tawouk and mixed donair (beef and chicken) are absolutely delicious. Be sure to ask for a side of their chili sauce - it is a perfect accompaniment. Their baklava is also delicious.

                                                                    BTW, they have a second location now:

                                                                    5303 68 Ave SE
                                                                    Unit 109
                                                                    Calgary, AB T2C 4N3

                                                                    1. re: Fid

                                                                      Yes! and I was told that in May 2011 they will be opening a 3rd location in the food court of the T&T supermarket in NE Calgary.