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Oct 1, 2008 11:24 AM

Ba-Tampte Deli Mustard???

Hi, I tried a great deli mustard by the brand "Ba-Tampte" the last time I dined at Tommy Pastrami out in Orange County. Since I live on the westside, I was wondering if this fine mustard is sold anywhere in Los Angeles. Thanks!

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  1. I'm sure they're closed today and probably tomorrow, but here's one source:

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    1. re: Midlife

      Hi, Midlife. You just made my day....Thank you!

      1. re: foodhappy

        Many kosher markets on Fairfax and in the Pico Robertsons areas have it. Pico Deli at 8826 W Pico Blvd (310) 273-9381 is another suggestion.

    2. You can get it at Billy's Deli in Glendale and Torrance.

      1. I just saw it at Pavilions last night.

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        1. re: creamfinger

          Hi, thank you all for these great suggestions. I can't wait to pick some up!

        2. I've seen it at Pavilions, too.

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          1. re: susans

            Hi, after reading that you found this mustard at Pavilions, I looked for it at the Pavilions in WLA on Wilshire Blvd; but no luck. WhichPavilions carries it? Thank you!

            1. re: foodhappy

              It might be a tad farther than you want to go if you're in WLA, but since you asked, the Pavilions I saw it in is in Westlake Village on Lindero.

              1. re: creamfinger

                Creamfinger, thank you. I actually do get out that way sometimes. Thanks for your help!