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Oct 1, 2008 11:05 AM

House-smoked Salmon in Victoria

Hi all,
I just recently moved from Toronto to Victoria and am looking for a deli that sells cold-smoked salmon. In Toronto, I used to go to Milbree Viking (Eglinton Ave. and Laird Dr.) all the time to buy packages of smoked salmon. They sell it pre-sliced or unsliced and can even prepare it for travelling if given a few days notice. I am hoping there's a place similar to that here, especially being here on the west coast!


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  1. I'm changing my request...... if somebody can tell me their go-to place for really good smoked salmon, I would be happy. Thanks!!!

    1. The go-to-place for smoked salmon is definitely Finest At Sea in James Bay near Fisherman's Wharf. On any given day they offer three types of cold smoked salmon - sockeye, coho or springer. My personal fave is the sockeye. The also do cold smoked albocore tuna which is melt in your mouth tasty. Their hot-smoked is also excellent, and they offer it in a wide variety of flavours (teriyaki, peppered, etc). It really worth the trip to James Bay (27 Erie Street). Although be warned, if you go too late on a Saturday they can run out of things!

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        Thank you for the tip. We'll be out that way at the end of the month and I will look for it.

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          Thanks annynstar!
          I'm tempted to go drop by there today :) Can't wait to try their smoked salmon.
          I've never tried smoked tuna either so i'll have to try and get some of that.