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Oct 1, 2008 10:39 AM

Found: Good coconut grater

I'm pretty sure I've seen postings here (or maybe over on Home Cooking, not sure) about where to find a coconut grater. The good ones (counter clamp, solid stainless blades) are hard to come by. I realize there are about a million other ways to grate fresh coconut without a special coconut grinder, but frankly, they are all incredibly time consuming and make me not want to bother despite my everlasting love for really good coconut cake.

At any rate, if you're been looking for a kickass coconut grinder, you can get one here:

Just sharing the coconut love.

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  1. Since that link does not work any more, here is a coconut grater, Thai:

    1. I have just seen a picture of this counter clamp, solid stainless coconut grater you talk about, I do not know if this is any good? My experences with a lot of little gadget which supposedly stucked to the counter top does not stay put in one spot at all.
      In my desperation I tried using a fine microplane grater.

      The newer model is wider (3" wide and a little bit curved along the centre) so it gave me an idea. I am amazed at how fast the grating get done, even by hand.
      1. I bought a fresh coconut and I have the store split it open for me
      2. I then used a small sharp knife that is a little bit flexible in the blade (mine is Henckel) to run along the edge, then tried to pry out the meat (like they use to do with coconut copra). Failing that I resort to cutting through the meat, taking 1" to 1 1/2 " strip of coconuts meat, cutting inwards from the edges or rim of the coconut, it is easier to pry out the meat with the help of a spoon when the pieces is narrower. I kept at this and I ended up about 4 to 5 strips of coconut meat from had a coconut. I realized half a coconut is enough for my cooking batch. ( I am making Ondeh Ondeh)
      3. It is easier if you have a Chinese clever, you can split the coconut nut into 4 so easier to work on. (Otherwise get out the circular saw :))
      4. I then slice out the black bits (the dark part that is closest to the shell) so only white meat remains
      5. Then grate away using a microplane grater (fine - the one you use for grating lemon rind), this yield the best finely shredded fresh coconut ever!! you can choose a microplane grater that is next up in fine/coarser scale
      Believe me - this takes no time at all, especially if you have 2 microplane grater and another family member is doing this together with you, also you nibble at the coconut meat as a reward along the way so it was done before you knew it.

      6. I have a Kitchenaid, but I do not purchase the cheese grater. I don't eat cheese. I will try to grate coconut meat in this rotary cheese grater if it works - has anyone tried?