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Oct 1, 2008 10:34 AM

Jamaican Dutchy Cart - solid

I finally went to the Jamaican Dutchy Cart yesterday for lunch. It's probably one of the cooler carts I've ever been to, its very big, has a big jamaican flag on it and a flatscreen TV on it playing videos of the Bolt (that Jamaican gold medalist).

Anyhow, I got a few things:
- jerk chicken: this was good, it was nice and tender although i thought it'd be more tender when i was thinking about it, but it was still tender and spiced well; btw i got the spicy sauce which is quite spicy (kind of builds you and you realize halfway thru your meal that its getting pretty spicy)
- oxtail: this was good although the version at the yvonne yvonne truck is better. It's not really on the bone anymore as most of it has fallen off and it almost turns into a stew. It's pretty tender and tasty.
- rice and beans: these were standard, not awesome not bad
- cabbage: good, pretty simple, but tasty
- plantains: excellent, they were almost burnt, but i really liked it b/c they were almost sorta crispy on the outside, very tasty
- spicy beef patties: pretty standard, but good although it wasn't really spicy

Overall, I thought it was good and definitely an interesting cart and worth trying out.

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  1. Thanks for your report and the comparison. I've never actually went there myself. But DH has picked up some stuff a few times and brought it over to me. He told me that the cart is the slickest street cart he has been to. I've wanted to try the dumplings as well. However, they always seem to be out when he gets there. I've liked their oxtail. But if the Yvonne Yvonne oxtail is better, I really need to try it sometime.

    One thing I noticed about the Jamaican Dutchy cart is that I'm very thirsty after eating it. Either they put tons of salt (more than what I'm used to) or there's some hidden MSG.

    1. Would love to try can you please tell me where these carts are?

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      1. re: MeLikeToEat

        I too would like to know where they are to try the jerk chicken and plantains---

          1. re: Cpalms

            yeah thats the dutchy cart

            the Yvonne Yvonne truck is on 71st and York (only at lunch), here's my report:

      2. Yeah, thanks for the report. I don't love most of the sides or the patties, but the jerk chicken and plantains are indeed lovely. (Like Miss N., I get really thirsty after eating their food, too, but it's too good not to indulge occasionally!)

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        1. re: cimui

          I didn't get thirsty although MSG doesn't really seem to do very much to me, but I was so full after that....i ate way too much

          i would kill the rice and beans next time and just get cabbage and plantains

        2. Agreed - it is very satisfying. You should try the curry chicken too - if you like yours caribbean style - Make sure the've had enough time to braise the chicken. Sometimes it hasn't been cooked long enough for all the flavors to meld together. When it is done right, it's pretty awesome too.