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Oct 1, 2008 10:18 AM

East Orleans

We will be staying in East Orleans this weekend and need a recommendation for Friday dinner. Priority: good food. Nothing else matters. Prefer local (seafood) ; coming from NYC so we don't need sushi, French, Italian etc.
Willing to drive a few miles if necessary.

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  1. Best choice for local fish is Brewster Fish House on 6A in Brewster, but it is very small and does not take reservations. One of the very best choices on the entire Cape for quality fish.

    In Orleans, Abba and Nauset Beach Club come to mind, Abba would probably be the superior choice. Abba's website is usually down, but the Beach Club site is up:

    1. Good Food + East Orleans = Nauset Beach Club. Worth a drive, if you're right there a shame to pass up/ I agree that Brewster Fish House is also very good, but it does require a trip out of Orleans. Both restaurants are busy (and BFH is very small) but its October, so you should be fine. Abba is also very good, but the food is a little "different" for the area vs. local seafood. Lastly, there is also a nice fish restaurant in Orleans - Academy Ocean Grille, but it may be a notch below the others in the opinion of most. Enjoy.