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Oct 1, 2008 10:05 AM

norwood boston suburb 3 days any recommendations?

will be in norwood (work) starting this sunday for three nights at norwood sheraton four points.....any good places nearby for breakfast lunch dinner ..........also if there is someplace out of the ordinary nearby (ambience not required), please say so............. also, am thinking of going to durgin park if time permits but unsure of how far the travel might not be worth it or feasible.

thank you.

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  1. Here's a post to a recent thread on Norwood --

    Personally, my office is one block from Durgin Park and even that's much to far to go, but that may be just me.

    1. I don't frequent Norwood much but in Norwood Center for lunch I highly recommend the Common Cafe for homemade soups, excellent salads and sandwiches; the town next to Norwood has many fine options: Bamboo for high quality, americanized Chinese with a very good lunch buffet; Isabella in Dedham Center for upscale, New American; Halfway Cafe for excellent burgers, fries, steak tips (bar food). I am not a fan but for middle eastern, many people rave about Byblos in Norwood center and check out the menu of Bistro 712 in Norwood, it looks very good.

      1. Byblos in Norwood Centre is great. I love Lebanese/Syrian cuisine and this place really satisfies. Isabella in Dedham Square is also pretty good, sort of new American cuisine-y at reasonable prices.

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          Will second both Byblos and Isabella, and also suggest Bon Caldo (Italian) as very worthy spots to eat. Do not recommend Halfway Cafe or Bistro 712 -- have had bad experiences at both places.

        2. Cedar Market on Cottage street for great Leb style chicken wrap(be sure to ask for harissa).
          They also make really good lahmejeun(sp?) and will make kibbe neh(sp?) to order if you ask for it at the butcher counter.

          Lewis' which is next door is great for a burger or hot dog, wings and fries and great drinks with lots of televisions. I like eating on the bar side.

          I ate at the Bistro 712 a year ago and it was decent enough to go back to.

          There is a little shop that specializes in chicken salad that was pretty good. I can't recall the name.

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          1. re: Wursthof

            That would be the D&G Deli. It's on Nahatan Street, very close to Norwood Center.

          2. thanks to all of you.......will report back on it after the trip.

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            1. re: jaymor

              I'd second Bon Caldo - good higher-end Italian, but the bar menu is pretty tasty. They'll do half-orders of most pastas, and they have a good by-the-glass selection of wines. Saab's on Rt 1 is great for a quick lunchtime shwarma. Otherwise, Byblos is good for middle eastern. Siam Lotus on Rt 1 is good thai, as is a small 5 table place on Washington a few blocks east of the town center. The Red Wing on Rt 1 nearer to the Stadium serves surprisingly good fried clams..