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Oct 1, 2008 09:41 AM

halfway between hartford and mystic

Meeting a girlfriend early Friday evening and looking for a casual restaurant with healthy offerings (fish, salads) that will not attract an after-work crowd. Colchester, Marlborough, anywhere along Route 2 works. Thank you for any help.

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  1. Cafe Mangia is good, though a bit pricey compared to other places in Colchester, they do have salads, and they some seafood dishes, and it's right near exit 18 off of route 2, they are tearing up that part of the road, but they may be finished, I haven't driven on linwood ave since Monday.

    Edit: they also have a website with a menu

    1. Nunu's Bistro was recommended to us by the folks at Priam Winery but it was closed the day we attempted to try it, so I can't give you a personal rec.

      1. You can always try the salad bar/sushi bar/hot food bar at the Whole Foods in Glastonbury! Always a good lunch spot for workdays.

        1. This middle stretch seems fairly barren except for Colchester, in the middle. I hope other suggestions come forth.
          I have added these to my (Connecticut places around New Haven), Google map so you might want to take a look at places on each end, like Sauce, in Glastonbury. I don't know when the outdoor places, on the water, shut down for the season, but they interest me.

          1. The original comment has been removed