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Oct 1, 2008 09:27 AM

Name this produce

Recently, I've purchased two things, and in one case I neglected to ask the name, in another I forgot. I'm posting on the Ontario board because these are local produce, but the admin might want to move it.

First, a type of table grape, apparently indiginous to Ontario. It looks like a Concord grape, dark purple, but it's not. The flavour is intensely grapey and sweet, almost honeyed. The berry is slightly smaller than a Concord, about 1cm in diameter, and spherical rather than obloid. Name that grape.

Next up, a melon, a variagated green exterior similar to a typical watermelon, but it's spherical, about 12cm in diameter. The interior flesh is yellow, and the aroma is subtlely floral as well as melony. Name that melon.


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  1. If the grape has a slip skin, (the flesh pops into your mouth when you hold back the skin), it is another variety of vitis labrusca, native to eastern North America, such as Catawba, Delaware, or Niagara. It may have a spicy or foxy flavour.

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      The only melon that pops to mind is the Christmas (Santa Claus) melon, but it's a little more oval and much bigger than what you've stated.

      1. re: jayt90

        No, none of those. The skin didn't behave as you describe. The name, if I recall correctly, was a proper name (e.g., Smith, Jones) not regional or native.

      2. This site drives me nuts, editing your post is a nightmare most of the time! It's easier to just make another post.......

        Perhaps it's an Ogen melon?

        1. Could it be a Chanteraise melon? Check out the link.

          1. Or maybe a Cavaillon melon...

              1. re: kvly

                Dingdingdingding.... kvly wins the grape prize. In fact, it was Laura Sabourin who sold me the grapes!

                Yes, on the melon... it looks like a small Christmas melon.

                Thanks, all.