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Oct 1, 2008 09:15 AM

retail beer in Winter Park?

So... I'm unfamiliar with the area and looking for the best beer selection in or near Winter Park. As far as that there a better place somewhere else in the greater Orlando area? This is for retail purchase, and only american micro's.

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  1. I've found the best selection of beer in Orlando is at Total Wine & Spirits at 2712 E Colonial. They've had almost everything I've gone looking for (including now stocking a couple varieties of Saranac).

    1. Try Whole Foods at 1989 Aloma Ave. Good selection.

      1. Total Wine is good, and so is Whole Foods. My personal favorite is Big C's Liquor. It is between Tiajuana Flats and Winn Dixie at Goldenrod and University. My favorite thing about them is they have a ton of good beer already chilled. Total Wine is mostly warm offerings. Whole Foods chilled selection is good, but always the same. Big C's also has a good selection of beery glassware. The staff are not knowledgeable about beer though.

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          I was going to mention Big C's as well as Total Wine. Total Wine has an awe-inspiring selection that nobody can compete with, but for a small, neighborhood liquor store, I am always impressed by the nice array of microbrewed and international beers that Big C's has. They have a particularly nice selection of Belgian ales, which are my favorites.

        2. For sheer microbrew selection, Total Wine is the best, but I have to put in a shout for Orlando Brewing off of Atlantic near the Orlando Amtrak station/Winnie Palmer. ( They are a local microbrewery, but have a lot of other beers on tap. You can also buy their beer there as well.

          1. thanks for the help, I went to Total wine. They do have a large selection of the expected micro's and I got many things that do not exist here in New Smyrna. I would have expected better prices though...considering the purchasing power they must have? I spent $14 for a sixer of Stoudts double IPA which is a great beer... but that is at last three bucks more that what I would have paid at a smaller store back in Maryland. thanks again for the recs

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              I almost forgot this, but Redlight Redlight, the best beer bar around, is also a package store and you can buy any beer they have there. If you haven't been and enjoy good beer AND are in WP, you have to go. It's above Ballard and Corum @ New England and Pennsylvania

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                Yeah, Redlight Redlight is a beer drinker's bar deluxe, and it's very low key. And they have a binder that lists lots of details about all their brews.