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Oct 1, 2008 09:14 AM

Tasting Menus - Calgary

Hi All!

I am curious to hear your "expert" recommendations on different tasting menus available in Calgary. I would really like to try one, but cannot afford to do more than one or two.

Any suggestions and memorable dishes would be appreciated.

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  1. I've had a tasting menu at Muse and I have to say it was one of the best I've had as the chef didn't make anything too "safe". Had things like cow tongue and sweetbreads among other brilliant dishes. What was nice was that they asked if we were comfortable with eating Foie Gras, good to see a restaurant that is aware of the ethics behind it. You can do as many courses as you want and have the chef surprise you. We settled on a six course menu with wine pairing and was probably one dish too many as we were stuffed (and drunk!) at the end.

    The one thing that was memorable was the truffle popcorn as a pre-dinner snack, it was a nice touch. I loved their biscuits/bread as well.

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      I've had a few tasting menus in the past year and my picks are Il Sogno in Bridgeland, Muse, Chef's Table and Q Haute Cuisine (the old La Caille) in that order. Il Sogno's was outstanding and included braised rabbit (Coniglio) which you don't get to often in cowtown. I've been back to Il Sogno sans tasting menu and it was still a fantastic evening, great service, good wine list (more realistic than Muse's) and truly great non-standard southern Italian food.

    2. Chef's Table! I've been twice and the menu changes every two weeks but it's all creative, memorable and more than delicious.

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        I second Chef's Table at the Kensington Inn! A very nice experience - very relaxed, plenty of time to rest between meals, oustanding food and atmosphere. You really feel apart of the kitchen. At the end of the night we were the last table in the resto and were offered digestifs from the maitre D as the line chefs were busy doing shots of the same while cleaning up. Very cool.
        Never done the tasting menu at Muse, but have been there twice (both over a year ago) and was both times very disapointed with the food and the service. Although I do think the truffled popocorn is cute and often do at home on movie night with truffle oil and a spritzer.

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          Thanks for the reviews! From what I've read, it seems Chef's Table has earned quite a following in a short time. Will definetly have to check it out.

          Anyone know the prices there?

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            In June it was $155 w/ wine pairings, $95 w/o.

      2. I have a tasting menu to add to the list... Rush! I just chowed down there tonight and there was only 1 dish I found objectionable. The others were superb. ^^ Check out my post on the Rush thread for more details! *goes to write it*