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Good eats Glendale

Just moved to Glendale. Carless and looking for good inexpensive lunch/takeout places along Brand/Glendale/Central etc. All ethnic cuisines under consideration. Thanks.

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  1. There are some really great places on Brand:
    Porto's Bakery and Cafe - Cuban sandwiches...but I love the medianoche ($4). Crazy wonderful desserts...my vote's for mango mousse cake and italian cheesecake.
    Hot Wings Cafe - Good wings...though I get the mild. Zucchini sticks are the best fried zucchini I've ever had. Lunch for two runs about $10 each.
    Pho Hut - Actually owned and operated by Vietnamese. Awesome and authentic noodle soup for about $8.
    Rosegreen - Not Pinkberry, but a good substitute. I love their raspberry-flavored yogurt.
    Thai in L.A. - Inside, it looks like a dive, but the Thai food is good. Really good Pad Thai. Lunch specials run about $8.
    Lola's Peruvian - Roasted chicken lunch ($7). It's great chicken...and you get a whole 1/2 with two sides. I like the saltados (proteins of your choice sauteed with tomatoes, french fries, onions, and garlic) served with rice which run for ($9).

    1. Been a while since I lived there, but always liked Shamshiri for Persian (N of 134 one street W. of Brand near Ralphs). Of course, was a regular at Zankou for rotisserie chicken (on Verdugo/Colorado). Carousel on Brand for Lebanese. Porto's for inexpensive baked goods. Thai BBQ for ok Thai (N. of Colorado on Glendale?). Marios deli for sandwiches.

      Sorry, "links" not working for me right now.

      1. PORTOS
        for sure!

        2 Potato Balls
        2 Meat Pies
        2 Guava Cheese Danishes

        Can be consmed in one sitting (don't do it in public, people will think you haven't eaten for days) or enjoy over a couple of hours...it is so hard to resist saving the goodies for later.

        1. Notte Luna near Broadway/Maryland.........also on the same corner Fortune Inn isn't bad.

          1. Second Portos, Hot Wings, Lolas (chicken only..there are better Peruvian menu selections further South on Brand at Mamita).

            Also El Morfi: Argentine, family owned. The chimichurri is addictive, the empanadas, sandwiches and grilled items very good, though I can't recommend the pizza

            1. You can head to north east Glendale or Montrose and try out Black Cow Cafe, Shriener's Meats, Zeke's BBQ, Star Cafe, and Rocky Cola Cafe.

              1. Portos is great. But my favorite is Carousel. Really fantastic Lebanese food and a perfect place to go if you're vegetarian. There's also Fish King which is a bit of a trek up Glendale Blvd just past the freeway, but they not only have really fresh fish, they have a "galley" that cooks up all kinds of seafood. Their spicy tuna rolls are really pretty good for take out sushi.

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                  Fish King is actually on Glendale Ave. off the 134. Glendale Blvd. goes towards the Silver Lake / Hyperion area.

                2. Love Carousel! Also,Raffi's, Elena's Greek Armenian and Phoenicia, associated with the now closed Mandaloun.

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                    I second Raffi's Place, love it, of course Porto's, Sushi on Brand is surprisingly good, Polka is great for Polish food.

                    1. I have not yet made it to Palate, which has gotten very up-and-down write-ups since its opening this summer:



                      My favorite restaurant at the Americana has been Granville Cafe (although again, there has been controversy). Islands (on Bway just west of Brand) has excellent fries (too bad the rest of the menu is ehh). Damon's is okay for steak, one of those places that's been around forever.

                      And of course, there's Porto's. Linking ...

                      Porto's Bakery
                      315 N Brand Blvd, Glendale, CA 91203

                      Damons Glendale Steakhouse
                      317 N Brand Blvd, Glendale, CA 91203

                      117 W Broadway, Glendale, CA 91204

                      Palate Food & Wine
                      933 South Brand Blvd, Glendale, CA 91204

                      Granville Cafe
                      The Americana at Brand, Glendale, CA 91210

                      1. I actually like clancy's crab broiler for oysters on the half shell and crab cocktail.

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                          Clancy's also has a hidden secret that is absolutely decadent... their cheeseburger!! If you go to Clancy's, have someone in your group order the cheeseburger and perpare to be overwhelmed... literally... they put every possible topping a burger can have on it but the core of it (the meat and cheese) is quite good even without the arsenal of toppings.

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                            who knew? that may be my next meal at Clancy's. I love to go there on Sundays, watch sports and eat.

                        2. Portos is good for a lot of things. I also like Far Niente. Be sure to ask for the bread and the wedge of parmaesan.