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Oct 1, 2008 09:07 AM

DC recommendations

I will be in Washington DC on October 31 and I'm interested in enjoying a nice, adult dinner. Price isn't really an object. I'd love to hear some local recommendations - what's new, what's interesting? What do you consider a terrific night out?



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  1. To me Rasika is a terrific night out although it isn't new it is interesting.

    1. Not new, but Marcel's is high on my list for an exceptional adult dining experience.

      Also might want to check out Corduroy - relatively new (in its new location).

      1. It doesn't get much more delicious and "adult" then Corduroy. Not brand new, besides the location. But the kitchen is spot on right now, I'm sure will enjoy a meal there.

        Other places to consider would be Central (newish), Palena (not new but you can choose the more casual cafe or the more formal front of the room...both excellent), or PS7 (about 2 years old but quite good and GREAT drinks).

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          I agree on all but PS7, it just isn't at the food level as Corduroy, Palena, Marcel's and Rasika, it just doesn't slay me, if I was only eating one meal it certainly wouldn't be my pick.

          It depends on what you are looking for, Marcel's is very formal well prepared and executed French the meal is rich and lovely, it is one of my favorites, but I did want to be rolled home and they have very diligent almost to an insistant service, Palena is more rustic simple but good food in a more warm and homey environment, Rasika is modern indian in a modern setting and impeccable service, but it can be loud, Corduroy I haven't been to the new location but the food is very good, I would consider it American fare, Central is a modern bistro, it gets mixed reviews, but I think they take care to make simple things with techniques and preperations that are classic and good. You can tell they really work to get a flavor, like a gravy or sauce correct.

          PS7 has good food, just not on that level, it is more a place for a nice happy hour, or a dinner out when you have been everywhere else.

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            In comparing my last two meals, I'd have to say I enjoyed PS7 much much more than the back room at Palena. Every course at PS7 was excellent, whereas I felt it as kind of hit or miss at Palena...

            Restaurant Eve in Old Town Alexandria is my absolute favorite - delicious food, drinks, and great service.

            I've also had delicious french meals at Marcel's. I enjoyed Central too, but I'm not sure if it's the atmosphere you're looking for - it is a very bistro feel rather than a formal 'adult' dinning room. Last, I haven't been to the new Corduroy yet, but I've heard great things and it's on my list to try soon.

        2. You say price is no object, so, here are my recommendations given your questions:

          A terrific night out: Marcel's, CityZen, Restaurant Eve, Obelisk, Komi
          New: Adour by Alain Ducasse at the St. Regis Hotel
          Interesting: Minibar

          1. Thanks, all, for the great recommendations and comments - I really appreciate it! I hope to decide in the next couple of days where I'm going to end up...

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              Please report back. Anxious to hear where you end up and what you think.