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Oct 1, 2008 09:00 AM

How have the lines at Difara been?

Are they still insane waiting mobs that you need to be plan your day around. ;also see shake shack; Or have they cut back any ? Sat afternoon still a good time to grab a pie ?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Saturday afternoon has never been a good time to get a pie. For the last 3 months I got all of my pies in under 20 minutes, but there's a level of technique and timing to that (I go every week on Tues or Wed in between early dinner and late dinner rush times. It's been very reasonable lately, but I won't go near the place on weekends.)

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      1. re: JFores

        Something to consider for weekday evenings: a friend and I (both of us know Dom very well for many years) dropped by for a slice yesterday (Wed) eve. at around 5:45 on the way to somewhere else. There was a sign on the door to DiFara's that said "Intermission until 6:15" and the door was locked. He was inside and let us in to talk while he ate his dinner and made some more dough. He told us that he's started doing this most evenings. We hung out for the half hour and then his son opened the door. A line had formed outside in the drizzling rain and 12 or so people came in and started ordering. Not too bad, but some were clearly going to wait. We ate a slice and left. So... plan your evenings accordingly.

        1. re: JFores

          J: the last slices I got from Dom were outrageously burnt. It was not just the wonderful and welcome charming carbon of peasant cooking, but really scorched like Hiroshima. I couldn't say anything because I discovered it when I was in my car blocks away. It was inedible. I think the master might be slipping due to demand and old age, because this is not the first off product I have gotten. Judging from posts, it might just be the beginning of the end. I will not hold it against him for sure, I going there today, but I thought it was worth a post.

          1. re: NYJewboy

            The end is not so near. I was there yesterday and all was well. I called in two pies to stay at 12:50, arrived at 1:05 and was eating the first by 1:20. They were perfect, no burning, perfect taste. The only oddity was that each pie had a small area with no end crust, sauce and cheese to the edge. I guess he pulled it to much at that spot. The place was quiet and Dom had abandoned the beret. Maggie was writing down orders and the whole place had a zen like calm about it. Enjoy.

            1. re: stuartlafonda

              I know, it is true, Dom is doing quite well in general. If the Dom is slipping it is gradual and slow. However bad pies are popping up more frequently then they used to.

              1. re: stuartlafonda

                Excellent pies indeed. My only complaint was the annoying bickering couple sitting next to us. I politely asked them to keep it down and, after a very rude "don't interfere!", they quieted down and I was able to enjoy my slices in peace.

                1. re: stuartlafonda

                  Is there a big lunch rush around that time, or would going around 12:30-1 on a weekday afternoon (thursday to be exact) be not-so-crowded?

                2. re: NYJewboy

                  You wrote " the last slices I got from Dom were outrageously burnt. It was not just the wonderful and welcome charming carbon of peasant cooking, but really scorched like Hiroshima."

                  The precise same thing happened to me twice in the last few weeks. In each instance, I ordered a square pie to go (with a topping that I can't remember but is not relevant to this post), and later discovered that the pie was burnt to the point where the char undermined the entire eating experience. The first time it happened, I would honestly say that the pie was quite frankly inedible. The burn was like ash and overwhelmed the pizza. The burn was unfortunately, the defining charaterisitic of that pie. If a first-time visitor was ever served that particular pie, the newbie would be unable, by anystretch of the imagination, to reconcile the actual pizza with the fanatical culinary reviews Dom routinely gets. I am a Di Fara's long time regular and have been patronizing his pizzeria before he was "discovered". So I know how good the pizza can be.

                  I am somewhat concerned because this happened to me not once, but twice, fairly close together in time, all of it relatively recently. It might be a sign of decline. On the other hand, who knows. Randomness? I had a pie there last week which was sublime, about as good as it ever gets even by Dom's standards.

                  1. re: pizmet

                    Pizmet: We are not the only ones, I have read in other posts about this problem. HE HAS TOO MUCH GOING ON AND HE FORGETS ABOUT THE PIES IN THE OVEN!

              2. We went today (Saturday) around 1PM, later than I wanted to get there.. I told my husband to be prepared to wait. There was a line but it wasn't insanely crowded. We ordered a sausage pie, and by some miracle, Dom pulled one out of the oven not two minutes later and handed it to us. He said something about someone had called in an order but they weren't there yet. Maybe he has a soft spot for kids. It was our 4-year-old's first time there. Uncoached, she announced "Wow! This pizza is REALLLY gooooood." We're happy to be back in Brooklyn after two years in the hinterlands. The thought of raising my kid on California Pizza Kitchen wasn't sitting well with me.

                1. I was there the week before last, I think it was Weds around 7pm.
                  If there was a line, it was a virtual line of people who had already ordered and were waiting for their orders to come out. My order was taken immediately. There were 5 empty seats; about half of the occupied seats had people who were already eating.
                  My pizza came out after about a 25-minute wait.

                  1. when i go on weekends or when it's busy, i make sure i order a "specific" pie (half pepperoni, etc.).
                    i prefer good old sauce and cheese, but i have found that when i just order a plain pie, that when he pulls it out, some yahoo tries to claim it or he forgets who its for and starts serving it as slices, etc.

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                    1. re: Get In My Belly

                      I've been using the garlic pie in a similar way for a long time, but alternatively ordering a regular gives you the ability to steal anyone else's when the opportunity arrises.

                      1. re: JFores

                        I'm proud to say I do the same thing JFores. People who object just do not understand that drastic times call for drastic measures.