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Oct 1, 2008 08:46 AM

M Shanghai Bistro: What does everyone else think?

I just had an amazing dinner at M Shanghai Bistro in Willliamsburg and just wanted to know what everyone else's opinion of the place was.

I went with a group of four and IMO, the food was outstanding and I think that the soup dumplings they offer were better than the ones I tend to get from Joe's Shanghai. The meat just seems of better quality and this might be my new go-to spot when I have a hankering for them. Another app that I tried was the Wontons in Spicy Peanut Sauce which was delicious. I also recommend the duck dish that they serve that's similar to Peking Duck but without the bread and not as much fat on the duck. My table simply loved everything that we ordered.

Also, I want to herald their waitstaff for being so on top of things

An amazing time for my group and we'll definitely go again.

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  1. totally underrated place. Juicy Pork Buns (the soup dumplings) are out of this world. Morning glory is delicious and simple stuff like kung-pao chicken, just great. And they're open late, and they sometimes host parties in their basement.

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      i used to live around the corner and would go for dumplings there. delicious. i think i remember that their brunch was somewhat under-whelming but it's certainly one the best asian spots in the burg. i think it's high time for a (re)visit.

    2. someone told me their niu-zho-mian (beef noodle soup) is amazing. anyone else had it?

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        I used to order there semi-regularly but stopped because it was so hit or miss and while it aspired to be slightly more than your average takeout place, most of the time you felt like why are you paying more for this? I've never had anything that was amazing there personally (as in worth coming from another borough good) - but maybe it's improved since I've last eaten there. For consistently ok takeout I've had better luck at Fortune Cookie.

      2. the dumplings are tops. everything else is just ok, but i keep going back for the dumplings.

        1. Heart it! The peashoots are really good and the mushu, which I have been eating since I was old enough to order, is the best I have ever had (although what gives w. the tortillas in place of Chinese pancakes?).