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Oct 1, 2008 08:40 AM

UES Tonight-Fun but Casual

Going to dinner tonight with 2 girlfriends, belated birthday dinner. Can be anywhere from 70's-90's on the east side. Probably btwn $30-$40 a head, we'll probably have some wine. They mentioned Beyoglu ( i like) and Zebu Grill (not in the mood for). Any other recommendations? I'm leaning towards Italian but can be swayed. Want to try something new and yummy. Thanks.

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  1. Oh Beyoglu is my favorite. The only thing I miss since moving from the UES.

    How about Persepolis? It's not new, but it's always delicious! Uva can be great, too (though I always found it a tad loud).

    Or the Italian place at the corner of 81st/2nd ave whose name is escaping me at the moment...

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      I like Kurio, across the street, toward 1st Avenue, from Zebu Grill. Great cocktails, interesting food. Not sure how fun it is though - tends to be a bit quiet, which I also recall about Persepolis.

      338 E 92nd St, New York, NY 10128

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      1. May be too late, but id suggest Canyon road (75th/1st)- upscale (sort of) mexican- great margaritas. Mole duck burrito or casuela are great.

        If youre really feeling italian, i like Uva (76th/2nd). interesting italian fare and a good place for girlfriends :)