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Oct 1, 2008 08:21 AM

Upscale Philly Restaurant with TV in bar?

I just moved into the area and am not very familiar with the restaurant scene. My parents are coming this weekend and I am looking for a great, nice restaurant to take them to. They like all foods from sushi to Italian so any style will do. I want to take them to a nice upscale/tasty restaurant. However, My boyfriend is a die hard Phillies fan and as we all know they are playing on Saturday night during dinner time. Can anyone recommend a place where I can please everyone (upscale restaurant with tvs in bar area)?


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  1. That's a tough one..upscale with a TV. I think Tequila's has TVs. Not sure how upscale you're looking for, but what about a bar with good food..Good Dog or Standard Tap..

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      Go really upscale -- Lacroix at the Rittenhouse. Let him discretely sneak out between courses to the Boathouse Row bar for game updates.

      Or buy TiVo already.

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        There has never been a TV at Tap.

      2. Is your boyfriend going to eat separately from everyone else, watching the game in the bar? Or is everyone going to eat in the bar? If having a TV nearby is a must, I think you will have better luck at a good gastropub, as jl0328 suggests. I checked out the new Pub and Kitchen recently, the food is great and they have flatscreens in the bar.

        1. The London has tv in the bar and has good food (not great food but good)

          1. Paradiso in South Philly has great Italian food and a TV behind the bar. If you sit in the right seats, your husband might even be able to watch the game during dinner. I'll let you decide if that's appropriate.


            1. Brasserie Perrier has a screen in their bar/lounge.