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Oct 1, 2008 08:20 AM

Birches in Baltimore

My husband and I are headed to Birches in Baltimore. Does anyone have any recommendations on what to order? Do they have a decent wine list or drinks menu? Also, are there any watering holes close by that you would recommend? We don't get out much, as we have a baby, so we really want to have an enjoyable evening....

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  1. Everything I have had is wonderful. And I fond the place so inviting.
    The spniach salad with the holum cheese is great and if you add the buffalo shrimp to it's sensational. Crab soup is great, Risotto's and seafood options have been excellent. The servers are very helpful! My husband loves the steak. My only caution is on the burger- many love it but it is big and messy and my husband claims while good it's not the best in towm.
    I found their wine selection to be very good. They have sangria that is tasty. They do have a full bar area where people gather and can eat.

    As far as close by- I'm not sure that there is anything is short walking distance but you are equally close to canton and east side of Fells Point. Perhaps Henniger's might be walking distance and they have a good bar (its not fancy)

    1. I had their pizza which was awesome and the sangria too. Try to sit outside, very nice.

      1. Hudson Street Stackhouse and Yellow Dog are both fairly close and are good places to grab a drink.

        1. Geckos on Fleet Street (maybe 2 blocks away) has the best margaritas!

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