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Oct 1, 2008 08:17 AM

HK style cafes Markham/Scarborough

Looking for a clean one open for lunch on weekdays, not too pricey, kid-friendly ... any suggestions please? Better if they have English take-out menu. The threads on this are getting quite old, and maybe someone has seen some new ones open ...


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  1. My personal favourite is quite the hole in the wall, so it doesn't meet your first criteria - but it is very cheap (you can get a steak dinner for about $9, or a pork chop lunch/dinner for about $5). They also carry macaroni set meals for about $4 with cold cuts/ egg sandwiches and a drink. Note that all combos include soup + drink. BUT they do have a cousin and it is much newer and cleaner/modern, though I have not been to this location - it's located at Metro Square near T&T at Steeles and Warden. They have a similar menu with similar pricing and it's in English as well. It should be called Metro Square Cafe. Cannot attest to the quality at this location as I have yet to try it.

    The original hole-in-the-wall I speak of is at McNicoll and McCowan. It is called Mei Cheun Cafe, or something to that effect. They have a fantastic Egg Sandwich ("Dan Jee") for about $2.99. Best one I've ever had. Both locations are kid friendly.

    I am not saying that these places serve fantastic food - I eat it because the price is just so ridiculously good. Sometimes you just need to fill the belly. I love the egg sandwiches and that is basically all I order usually. They are the same style as the now defunct chain, Dickens.

    Caveat Emptor - it's chock full of MSG, but what can you expect for that price?

    Cheers and Happy Eating!

    1. Richmond Hill might be a bit out of the way for you... but in case you don't mind the drive, I've found a new place (new for me, they've been around for a while) at Bayview and Major Mac, in the same plaza as Restaurant Malaysia (815 Major Mackenzie Drive East, Richmond Hill, Ontario)

      Decent food, not much seating, but very clean.

      1. Anyone know if Leslie Cafe at Finch/Leslie is good? I just passed by it the other day and it seemed very busy. I will try it out soon.

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            forget about leslie cafe...personality..i think it's one of the worst HK style cafe i've been to...
            i was really disappointed! the food is overcooked and i think it's a bit too pricey compare to the other good ones

          2. Again, another hole in the wall, like BokChoi's. :) There's one in Chinese called "May Wah" ... not sure what the English name is. That's at Warden and Steeles, in Bamburgh Circle, same as where Sam Woo is located. "May Wah" is located at the south side of the plaza. Holler if y'all been to this one before ...

            Cheap food. Portions are huge. Good breakfasts. I think for $4.50 you get an instant noodle with spam, fried eggs, toast, and coffee/tea. That's an all day special, one that I'm familiar with. There's breakfast specials too, for $3.99, but not with instant noodle, with either macaroni or spaghetti, and with the fried eggs, toast, and coffee/tea.

            I've also had tea here too .. the chicken wings and fries. Lordy, it was HUUUUUUUGE. I ended up taking almost all of it home. I could only have 1 wing, and that was it. 1 wing = the whole wing (wingette, drumette and the tip). And there were a lot of fries too.

            It's not the best in cleanliness...

            If you want a little bit more cleaner, there's Phoenix up on McCowan and Hwy 7, which Vacuum mentioned there. It's more expensive, .. and we live closer to May Wah so we opt to go to that one... We just found that Phoenix wasnt that much more spectacular for breakfasts... They're good for their Hainan chicken rice though (which I still havent tried)!

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              1. re: jennjen18

                "May Wah" is called "D&R Wings" in English. It has so much turnover in business, that the food is likely to be very is OK, consistent, and good value. Decor is basic, ....also my sensitive stomach has never had any issues with the food here, unlike the place Bok Choi mentioned (which is actually at Middlefield & McNicholl, if its the place I'm thinking about). I've also had good lunches at Ming's Cafe on Kennedy, South of Steeles.

                1. re: T Long

                  T_Long, thanks for the correction. You are correct in the location - I could not get the intersection straight in my head. It's been a while since I had last gone - the cravings for butter-laden egg sandwiches have not hit lately, so I have been as of late. Once again, I agree and emphasize they use a lot of MSG and tenderizer in their meats. But many restaurants in that price range do. I do not really eat their meals, and only get their egg sandwich to go. Another strong item is their baked curry on rice (with ox tongue, or beef) - it isn't as good as it once was, but still very solid at $6 per serving with soup + drink. (all of this info applies to the hole-in-the-wall location, not the 'hipper', newer joint.


                  1. re: T Long

                    Hi T Long, ok, I don't feel so bad now, as I have a very sensitive stomach as well, it kind of tells me if I can return to a place or not. We tried Fortune Stone, did not agree with me, and Ming's Cafe, which was good, but again didn't agree with me. The latter, I need to isolate and see if it was the ice-cream I had later on that night. If I eat there one more time, I should know the result

                    We had the curry beef brisket at Ming's Cafe, nice portion, but way too much sauce and hidden strands of beef, a bit chewy and a lot of tendon/skin, not sure what it's called, but next time, we'll try something different.

                    Can't believe we live in the area for over 15 years and never tried it, although we drive by all the time!

                2. Another one that might be out of the way for you is one in Times Square in Richmond Hill. They market themselves as a somewhat higher-end cafe (they got baked escargots and crepes!) but also do a decent tea-time menu, and it gets really popular around that time. I never remember their name in English, but it's the one across the parking lot from Richmond Court.

                  They do have their menu in English, and their fried fish/ fried pork cutlets and chips are nice and crispy, definitely kid-friendly!

                  While we are at it, does anyone happen to know if anywhere in the GTA serves the "French Toast" that is stuffed with peanut butter? I get a craving here and there, and am disappointed that no cafe I come across serves them that way..

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                  1. re: tarteaucitron

                    The Metro Square Cafe in Bokchoi's post above in the Square near T&T at Steeles and Warden serves the "French Toast" that is stuffed with peanut butter !

                    1. re: skylineR33

                      Yay! All hope is not lost! Extra points that it's been recommnded (somewhat) by BokChoi too. I gotta go there very soon.

                      Thanks skyline!

                      1. re: tarteaucitron


                        Finally tried the PB French Toast that skyline pointed out was at Metro Square. Though metro square's meals are not as good as their hole in the wall cousin shop, it stil made an excellent egg sandwich, just like I remembered.

                        Onto the PB French Toast though...

                        The saltiness/sweetness mix was quite unique! I had never sampled anything so strong in each direction. It was a bit jarring at first, but by the end, I found it to be very enjoyable. I great 'childhood memories' type of treat, I'm sure! Unfortunately, this was my first sampling, so no great memories for me.
                        Here are some pics to show you what it looks like to determine if that's what you were in search of:
                        My favourite Egg Sandwich:

                        To those less familiar with HK-style Cafes: Please note that all this food is artery clogging and not 'subtle' in the least. I just have an affinity for them because they are cheap, and remind me of my younger days.

                        Please also note that the PB french toast is NOT on the menu, we had to ask for it by name. It was about $2.99 each.

                        1. re: BokChoi

                          We tried out the MetroSquare cafe last week. Found the milk tea a bit weak in comparison to others. Did not like the egg sandwich much either. The curry chicken and shrimp on rice was good - lots of shrimp and the curry was quite spicy.
                          However, the rest was average and my daughters prefer not to return since the utensils were quite dirty as well.
                          We will stick with Mings and Octopus.