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Oct 1, 2008 08:08 AM

Need Hip Restaurant in Okemo/Ludlow VT

We're spending this weekend golfing at Okemo and would love to find a hip spot with great food and wine for dinner. Any suggestions?

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  1. Harry's Cafe...just a hoot 'n a holler west on 103 in Mt Holly. Varied menu, good drinks, amiable service and a relaxed atmosphere.

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        By "hip", I mean up-to-date decor, not a sports bar, not necessarily "family-friendly, really great food and wine, maybe a locavore menu. Places that come to mind: Pearl's in Great Barrington; Zinc, Bespoke or Ibiza in New Haven.

        1. re: greenstate

          Bistro Zinc in Lenox, MA is another example of a hip place. Don't know if you know any of these, but this is the type of place I'm looking for.

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            This is Vermont after all. Ludlow. Can You name a "hip spot" in that area??

          2. re: Gio

            Probably too late, but I second the recommendation for Harry's. I love the place, great food, a unique place with varied menu. Whenever I visit my parents in Ludlow, we always go there.

          3. Try the Weathersfield Inn near the airport in Weathersfield. Old country inn that truly uses local food from vegetables to cheese and meats! Best wine list we've found in the area. If you're familiar w/the Griswold Inn (Essex, CT) or Sage in Chester it's that type of setting but GREAT food and wine. Better than anything in Ludlow.....

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              Hip place for Pizza: Goodman's American Pie, in Ludlow. Real Pizza, thin crust, fresh flavorings, wood fired crust. Easily better than the Wicked Place across the street. Great for lunch or dinner. A few tables, nice folks. Like most of Vermont