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Oct 1, 2008 07:41 AM

Food that rolls?

We've been invited to a potluck this weekend, that asks us to bring some type of food that is rolled. I can't ask the hostess what type of dish she prefers, since I've never met her (she's a friend of a friend, but has very thoughtfully invited us b/c we are new to the area).

Do you have any ideas of a food that would work well at a potluck that is rolled in some way? We live pretty close by (ten minutes), so we could cook it very easily at home and bring it along wrapped in foil.

My only two ideas so far:
Eggplant rollatini (I've never actually made this before, and don't know how it will hold up at a potluck).

Enchilada casserole (we've made enchiladas before [my husband is Mexican], but never in a casserole).

If anyone has any inspiring and yummy ideas that do not require too much time (I'll be at a conference during the morning that day, so it has to be able to be prepared in a few hours), I'd greatly appreciate it.

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  1. Since you've made them before, the enchiladas sound great. Especially since your husband is Mexican and you'd be taking something authentic. Wouldn't you just line them up in an oblong dish and sauce them?

    Everything else I can think of takes sort of a long time, but can be made ahead and actually taste better the next day -- stuffed cabbage, grape leaves, savory crepes (just make the crepes ahead). If you wanted to take a dessert, sweet crepes.

    There are pinwheel wraps that you layer deli meats, cheeses and veggies, then cut, but I'm guessing other folks are going to think of that.

    1. I am a fan of zucchini rollatini and I find them easier to make than the eggplant version. Plus it's zucchini season! Asparagus or green beans wrapped (oop - I mean rolled) in prosciutto?

      Other thoughts would be along the same lines as nemo - the night before:: I love to make lasagna roll ups where you make all the same ingredients but you roll the cheese mixture up inside a lasagna noodle and put it in the pan standing up like a cinnamon roll and sauce the whole pan before cooking. They're even good cold.

      Maybe a sweet? Ice box cookies? Rugelach?

      Good luck!

      1. i love an easy and nice looking vegie roll with phylo. It changes depending on what's in season but take vegies, cheese, rice, your fav herbs and a whipped up egg to bind it all. Lay it on several sheets of phylo, rolling long way, tuck in sides, roll up. Bake with egg wash or butter on outside, even sprinkle your fav. herbs or parm. Slice to serve. I've done this with broccoli/cheese/rice. I've done it with zuchini/summersquash/cheese/rice. You can also add meat like chix & brocolli. It's easy and presents nicely.

        Here's the closest pic I could find (mine is bigger though)

        1. Vietnamese summer rolls or any kind of spring roll.

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            totally agree, spring rolls are amazing and beautiful!

          2. Porchetta Sarda:



            I found this post of mine about cooking it another time:

            "After 50 minutes, the thermometer was at 140, so I took the roast out of the oven. It was incredibly moist, though not rosy inside. "