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Oct 1, 2008 07:08 AM

Unpasteurised Cider Central or Southern New Hampshire

Hi All - We're going to be making a trip from the Boston 'burbs to climb Mt Moosilauke this weekend....
Any spots along the way not too far off of 93 where we can pick up some unpasteurised apple cider, and maybe some cider donuts?

Thanks in advance!


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  1. It's a bit of a schlep off of 93, but we stopped at the orchard at Hollow Hill Farm in Tamworth a couple of weekends ago with the kids. Bought the most glorious unpasteurised cider, picked some apples, petted their mare (Mandy) and had a great time. The apples aren't pretty, but they're tasty. You might want to call ahead to make sure they're still picking and pressing cider. 603/323-7456

    1. There are two orchards in Londonderry NH, fairly close to 93 that offer their own cider as well as cider donuts

      1. Does anyone sell cider without preservatives anymore? I used to get this around the Merrimack Valley in the late 90s but then it was increasingly hard to find. Probably fear of lawsuits. I used to make some killer hard cider but with any kind of preservative, the fermentation is inhibited.

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          There's a little farm in Merrimac MA, on what I think is called Amesbury Line Road

          Across from W. Newbury, just uphill from Rocks Village, South of 110 and Whittier HS. They are still selling unpasteurized cider. My son says he made his best batch ever with lae season cider from there last year. I can check to see when they will stop pressing and selling!

          1. re: pastrytroll

            You must be thinking of Turkey Hill Farm, actually in Haverhill, but I'm not sure they have apples...I know they have lots of upick berries.

            I'll second Cider Hill Farm in Amesbury for cider and a lot more.

            BTW, 'zoom out ' and check out Kimball Farm corn maze on pastrytroll's map link

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              Turkey Hill Farm does not have apples...just berries and Christmas Trees.

              The Kimball Farm corn maze is a blast and be sure to check it out on the next full moon. Last full moon it was open and had so much fun trying to work are way through. Lots of fun for the little as well as big kids.

            2. re: pastrytroll

              The farm you are refering to on Amesbury Line Road is Fay's Farm which is in Haverhill, MA. it's off Rte. 110 heading toward Whittier VoTech. I'm very happy with the cider there. This place is about a mile from my home so it's easy for me to go back and forth between them and Cider Hill. Cider Hill has the big farm stand while Fay's is on a much smaller scale, Fay's apple cider is as good if not better than Cider Hill's most of the time. No cider doughnuts at Fay's though :(

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                is Fay's cider a pasteurized product?

                1. re: ScubaSteve

                  It's unpasteurized....and I think they are only open on weekends through October.

            3. re: Dinsdale45

              Cider Hill Farm in Amesbury, they got what you need.

            4. It isn't off 93, but there's very few places left in NH that still sell unpasturized cider. However, Tenney's in Antrim, NH (southern NH) still does and they started pressing last week. Tenney's is on NH Rte 202, between Peterborough and Rte 9 (runs from Keene to Concord on this stretch of the road). I hope this helps!

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                I read the above about Tenney's and as I'm somewhat nearby I stopped in--- they do indeed have unpasturized cider and it was DELICIOUS...5 bucks for a gallon....wish they had cider donuts.....great to know so thanks for the tip...

              2. Gould Hill Orchard, in Contoocook (Rt 89, exit 4), has wonderful unpasteurized cider. They grow dozens of varieties of apple, including heirlooms grown ONLY there, so the blend is complex and vibrant. Love their apples and the little onsite museum, too.