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Oct 1, 2008 06:03 AM

Best Boston Burger

I've decided to go on a personal quest to find the best burger in the city of Boston. I know all about the best of Boston and which places have the "Best Burgers"... I'm more curious about the hidden gems.

I already know about Bartleys in Cambridge. Does anyone have any places I should add to my list? I'll take whatever I get from this forum and go from there. I want to have an encyclopedic knowledge of this cities burgers by the time I'm done.

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  1. There are a lot of threads on this topic including this one, which is a good place to start:

    I love UBurger, Bartley's, O'Sullivan's, but you're looking for hidden gems, so personally, my 5 favorites that aren't as well known (more or less, and in no particular order) are:

    -- Zon's, Jamaica Plain
    -- Mission Bar and Grill, Brigham Circle
    -- 75 Chestnut, Beacon Hill
    -- Grumpy White's, Quincy
    -- Audubon Circle, Fenway area

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    1. re: hiddenboston

      Man, I forgot about grumpy whites.
      I love that burger on garlic bread...god...soo much butter.

      1. re: hiddenboston

        I had an insanely good burger at Grumpy White's last night. I ordered a double cheese burger with roasted garilc. The combo of the cheeseburger, garlic and toasted/buttered bun made it like having a burger on garlic bread! It was delicious and I am already craving another.

        The burger options at Grumpy's are interesting. The standard burger is 8oz and grilled. Then there is the option of 4oz griddled patties in either double, triple of quad. I can't imagine tackling the quad. I will have to try the standard 8oz grilled burger next time. I will never be able to go there without getting the garlic though.

        The fries were medium cut and well done as I requested. The rings were medium cut as well, when they arrived they looked a bit heavy on the breading, but that did not stop us from devouring them. One large mixed salad was enough to serve the whole table. DCs had the lobster (generously stuffed with meat for $17), meatloaf (delicious) and boneless fried chicken with potatoes and gravy (surprisingly good). The turkey dinner and steak tips we saw going to another table looked great as well. We didn't try the whole belly clams (which they had last night) or any other fried seafood>

        Service was prompt and friendly and drinks generously poured.

        While this neighborhood joint is nothing fancy, we will be back.

        1. re: Gabatta

          I'm more a fan of their griddled patties than their grilled burgers, but I wouldn't refuse either. It's tough for me to get past their boneless fried chicken, though....

          1. re: hiddenboston

            I wouldn't refuse either as well, just give me the garlic and buttered toasted bun! Next time I will have to try the chicken.

        2. re: hiddenboston

          I'm going to add another delicious burger to the mix. Burton's Grill in Hingham. Spot on medium rare, delicious cheese and really good fries. My only gripe has been the freshness of the roll seems to change.

          1. One not mentioned on that the thread above is Sel de la Terre. I don't order burgers but the guy next to me at the bar was raving about his the other night. It certainly looked good and considering the quality of the meats they use, I think it might be worth a try.

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            1. re: BostonZest

              To your point...just had my first SDLT burger in Natick last week and it was amazing...and this from one of the ultimate burger snobs. Easily was one of the top 10 burgers I've ever had.

              1. re: pondrat

                Holy crap! Now I'm excited, especially since SDLT just opened in my neighborhood. Hopefully the Back Bay location can recreate the magic.

                1. re: tamerlanenj

                  It's always a wild card...I'm hoping the next one I get at Natick is as good as the first ! But you just never know if you just got lucky.

              2. re: BostonZest

                agreed... the burger at sel de la terre is outstanding.

                1. re: BostonZest

                  Had it last night off the bar menu at the SDLT near the aquarium. It comes with smoked onions, blue cheese, and aioli. It's on a fluffy roll, and the frites that come with it are the very thin kind, a little bit crispy, and served extremely hot, how I like them. My only gripe was the temp - ordered medium but it was cooked further than that - not pink at all. Still have to admit it was delicious. Next time I will order medium rare.

                2. Not in the city, but if you are including surrounding areas, I would recommend trying Flippin' Burgers in Newton Center. They're my current favorite. Some complain about the fries, but I find them just fine. Bartley's is my 2nd place.

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                  1. re: mabelm4050

                    They were using frozen fries, has that changed?

                    1. re: mabelm4050

                      Flippin Burgers needs to get their act together. They've been open how long, now? and they still can't get a simple order straight? They need to work on their process - watching them awkwardly try to cook, assemble and fulfill an order is annoying when you're there, but even more aggravating is if you get take-out, and discover their errors when it's too late. I understand that they seem to have a constantly training staff, but there needs to be a better process down.

                      1. re: Prav

                        My fries are as important to me as the burger and I won't go anywhere that serves frozen fries and they do.

                    2. I was over in Dedham the other day and gave Five Guys a try. I have to say it is one of the better burgers I have tried in the Boston area. Keep in mind it's not one of your gourmet burgers, however, for me it's a burger that takes care of your need for a "burger fix" and some....

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                      1. re: noonoo3

                        I really want to try 5 Guys, but I live in Back Bay with no car.

                        I'll have to find someone with a car to help me out. Perhaps I can bribe them with a burger.

                        1. re: Jonny509

                          Although I haven't eaten at the 5 Guys location in Dedham, I have eaten at a few of there outlets in other locales and I don't feel that it's really worth the trip if there are some local options. Boston has plenty of those.

                          1. re: Jonny509

                            Really, you shouldn't bother. 5 Guys burgers are glorified fast food. They're competing with Wendy's, rarher than, say, Bartley's

                            1. re: brandywiner

                              Agreed...they also have a sign quoting a reviewer as praising them as flavorful...I do NOT agree, that is, I think, its's not flavorful at all, and the fries which they give you a lot of, are horrible...completely lightweight, as if frozen (but not)

                              1. re: observor

                                Oop, I originally put this reply in the wrong spot: see further down. Mods please remove this one.

                          2. re: noonoo3

                            I'd been hearing a lot about 5 Guys from friends in D.C. area. Made to order burgers; free formed, greasy fries. They stuff a big cup with the fries and then throw a bunch more in your bag. They have a pretty decent hot dog too, split and grilled, toasted bun. Malted vinegar on the tables gets my attention. White tile atmosphere reminds me a little of The Varsity in Atlanta. If the yard stick on great burgers is the old Tim's Tavern formally on Columbus near Dartmouth then the five guys burger has a foot or more to grow. It's kind've a Johnny Rockets that doesn't make you feel bad after you eat it. B+ on the burger, B on the fries, A- on the service and set up. While 5 Guys doesn't beckon to me I'll probably be back if I'm in the vicinity.

                            1. re: noonoo3


                              Apparently Randy Moss digs on the 5 Guys in Foxboro. Looks like two burgers and a large order of fries for the charter flight to London. Solid work.

                              1. re: Gabatta

                                They do make a darned good upscale fast food burger. Reminds me a little of the dq brazier (used to snicker at that as a kid) in my home town in Connecticut, which actually had great burgers.