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Oct 1, 2008 05:47 AM

Santa Fe Breakfast or Bakery

I will be in Santa Fe for a business conference Saturday-Wednesday and am hoping to hit some interesting breakfast places that would be open early --and accessible by walking---near the hotel where I'll be staying, the Hotel Santa Fe. Any recommendations? Looking for unique/funky/places with character/only in Santa Fe..... Thanks

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  1. The Plaza Restaurant on the Plaza (duh!)
    Tecolote Cafe on Cerrillos. Not *too bad* of a walk depending upon your definition of a walk.

    1. Sorry the details are sketchy... but when I was there a few weeks ago, I spied a french patisserie in "Burro Alley." It looked very promising, but we had just eaten. I believe it was called Cafe Paris.

      During my previous visit, we went to Cafe Pasqual for brunch. The trout benedict was tasty with a big huge T!

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        DH and I had breakfast there on our trip to SF a couple years ago. I had the best chocolate croissoint of my life there. I still think about it! Definitely don't miss this place. There is another French bakery on one of the main streets which we also tried and was nowhere near as good, so don't get the two confused. Be sure to look for the one on Burro Alley.