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Oct 1, 2008 05:00 AM

Two nights in Nottingham?

Unfortunately Sat Bains is already booked both nights we are there. Does anyone have other recs - maybe one nice dinner and one casual inexpensive place (Indian, Thai, Middle Eastern, etc)?

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  1. Kayal does really good South Indian food in the city centre (run by the same people as Halli in Leicester but this one is not vegetarian). It was very busy when we went a few weeks ago so you should probably book. It has a website with menus etc Service was pretty slow as a result of them being busy but it was a pleasant, buzzy atmosphere.

    One place I have not been to but would like to try is Iberico World Tapas on High Pavement in Lace Market. The same people own World Service which could be worth trying for your posher dinner, but have not tried that either (I don't live in Nottingham!)

    1. i've not been for a while but harts was good when i was last there.

      1. Harts or World Service try to ape higher ranking London restaurants, and although this is a faint praise, they are good enough for the Nottingham 'elite'. Harts won this years Notts Best Restaurant award.

        It's been a while since I was back but Bees Make Honey is a very good and relaxed restaurant. Its BYO as well, so value for money. Memsaab (indian) and Tonic (EU) also are good.

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          Another recommendation for the Kayal for cheap but distinctive South Indian - and I'd also recommend booking and being prepared for sometime chaotic service. More upmarket, Iberico Tapas is really good - its tapas are a mix of Spanish and 'world' and, although this kind of sounds tacky, the results are far from this. Its good quality produce and really tasty with some unusual, fresh flavours. Its noisy at a weekend though - whether this is OK depends on what you want. You'll need to book here too,

          I think Bees Make Honey has closed but I agree World Service and Harts are generally thought of as the 2 high-end choices. Memsaab is another good Indian in a more 'restauranty' and pricey atmosphere.

          If you have a car, consider driving out some some of the excellent gastropubs that are within 30 mins of Nottingham too.

        2. have a look at
          It's not flawless but we've eaten at most of the winners and they are about the best that Nottingham has to offer