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Oct 1, 2008 12:31 AM

Mixing bowls - what do people use?

I was just getting ready to buy new mixing bowls - enough of our old sets have broken or disfigured that we're missing a nice middle sized one - and we thought we'd like to buy a new set. I was looking at Melamine, like these:

But on the on-going Malamine thread (not the resin but the powder found in Chinese products), it was said that you can't microwave melamine resin. I've verified this by googling. We don't often go directly from mixing to microwave or vice-versa, so perhaps it's not a big deal - just toss it into the one huge corningware we seem to have kept in one piece for the nuking. But I just have the feeling that there is something that is light and easy to use that we wouldn't have to transfer just to nuke.

So the question is what kind of bowls do people like? We have a pyrex one that is just too heavy. Does anybody have any of the new silicone bowls? Can they be microwaved? Any raves about favorite bowls would be much appreciated - steering us away from disasters would be appreciated, as well.


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  1. Stainless steel or ceramic is all I use. Plastics and silicone tend to retain grease, which is detrimental to whipping egg whites. Of course, if you don't make meringues, then that is not a concern.

    Are silicone bowls flabby-sided like their cake pan counterparts? If so, that does not sound like a good thing to have in a mixing bowl.

    1. I have a nice ceramic mixing bowl set from King Arthur flour. But I often grab a big tupperware bowl (if I'm going to store in the fridge for any length of time, I like the lid!) or my Pampered Chef big batterbowl (I like the handle on it, makes it easy to move around, and stabilize).

      1. I have all sorts of mixing bowls, but I always grab one of the stainless steel ones first. They are lightweight, nonreactive, and a cinch to clean. I have some gorgeous ceramic ones, but they are so heavy to get out of the cupboard, that I rarely use them.

        1. I use stainless steel mixing bowls and ceramic bowls. i keep the ceramic bowls on the counter and mine are handmaid with a lip for pouring. but as a others have commented my 'go to' bowls are the stainless steel. i have 4 bowls which i bought 25 years ago and are still going strong. i also have a set i bought made by oxo with a rubberized exterrior. keeps them from slipping around on the counter. i too had bought pyrex which i dont use since they were very heavy and did not want to handle them too much.

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            I have a 6 piece vintage McCoy "Pink and Blue" mixing bowl set that I have used everyday for about 30 years. A few minor chips on 2 of them just endear them to me. I also use a set of pyrex bowls of various sizes.
            Here's a photo of one of the Pink & Blue bowls:

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              Those are lovely. I'm so jealous. I use 1950s turquoise Pyrex.

              1. re: JonParker

                Thank you! I started collecting them in the 70s when I first bought the largest one to use for bread baking. Then the I-just-have-to-find-the-whole-set bug hit me. They're a little heavy, but I love to use each of them. .

          2. I rarely have a need to mix and wave in the same bowl. I use standard stainless bowls that can be found most everywhere. Biggest plus is that they are wide and deep enough to allow good mixing and are a snap to clean. I find oils cling to plastic more than the stainless metal bowls. Ceramic is just too heavy and breakable