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Sep 30, 2008 09:29 PM

One night only in Banff - Where to go?

Need a restaurant recommendation for Friday night. People have consistently recommeded Beaujolais to me, but I can't help thinking it looks very '80s french frou frou and I'll be disapointed. Any recommendations? Also a yummy breakfast recommendation on the run would be a bonus (even in Canmore) - something like perfect italian coffees and delicious baked goodies is my favourite?

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  1. My personal preference is Bison Mountain Bistro. Eden at the Rimrock and Fuze are both excellent choices for dinner as well. I do prefer Canmore generally speaking however,

    In terms of breakfast on the run, the best place for coffee is Communitea in Canmore. They also carry gourmet croissant baked goods, which are excellent - it's a no lose combination.

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      For dinner in Banff, you could try Grizzly House. They serve both traditional and rock fondues. It's a neat dining experience.

      I also like crazyweed kitchen in canmore for lunch or dinner.

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        If I'm not mistaken Communitea's croissants come from much talked about Gourmet Croissant 101-1205 Bow Valley Trail ( a 2-3 min drive from Communitea).

        My fave breakfast spot in Banff for on-the-go is Wild Flour Bakery 211 Bear St (Bison Courtyard)- for their breakfast sandwiches, waffles, muffins.... it's all good. Better than average coffee but not quite on the same level as Communitea. It's popular with locals expect lineups(moves fairly quick though). (currently under construction but the menu is posted).

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          I don't mean to be a jerk, but regarding Communitea - isnt that what i said?

          I like Wild Flour too, but i find their coffee to be no where near the quality of Communitea. Their cookies are excellent though! It's definitely a good option, but it depends on how important caffeine is to you.

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            Yes, obviously I missed that. Sorry for putting your nose out of joint. I thought it was worthwhile mentioning that Gourmet Croissant itself was also worth a visit.

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              Not out of joint at all - I was just confused why I was being corrected with what seemed like the same information :) I will capitalize better next time.


        Heard good things about it (directly from friends who have gone there) and the menu looks pretty good in that it focuses on Canadian ingredients. I think Mercato is run by the same group.

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          My favorite breakfast place is in Canmore, local hang out, counter service, lots of egg dishes, great baked goods, The Summit Cafe. Can't say much about the coffees though as I am not a coffee drinker.

          My favorite dinner place is also in Canmore, called Zona's. Not really high end, but awesome! I don't think the menu on line is the newest one, they recently went through a reno & menu overhaul, the prices are a bit higher then on the web now.

        2. I enthusiastically second Bison Mountain Bistro. Great food, beautiful room; very Rocky Mountains. And, to make it even better, Ryan Rivard, the owner was just named Restaurateur of the Year by Western Living.

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            I know this is far too l ate, but here's a third for the Bison MB. I've eaten there the past two nights, and have to say a that it is spectacular! The trout and beet salad is one of the best apps I've ever Impeccable service, I was there alone both nights (wife is busy conferencing, I get to play...) and was treated wonderfully. Trying to justify to myself a third visit...or more trying to figure out how I will justify it to my wife when see sees the credit card bill.