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Sep 30, 2008 08:43 PM

It's official - Pines Cafe RIP

Had hoped to head out to Littlerock for a Rita Omelette this past weekend at the former Pines/now Habanero Grill. Last time I went, even though they had switched to Mexican food, they were still serving Pines breakfasts on the weekends.

Sadly, they no longer are. It's all Mexican, all the time.

Instead, ended up going to the Halfway House. Not the Pines, but not awful - the bacon was perfect, and my ham and cheese omelette would also have been had I specified the type of cheese (they defaulted to American but had other choices).

Pines Cafe
4343 Pearblossom Hwy, Palmdale, CA 93552

Half Way House Cafe
15564 Sierra Hwy, Santa Clarita, CA 91390

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  1. The owner told me that she would continue 'The Pines" menu on weekends. I'll have to stop by so that I can walk out and let my feet do the talking! I'm bummed but my lad aka 'BreadBoy' is gonna be super bummed, he says that The Pines Cafe's Biscuits reign supreme!!!

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    1. re: sel

      Drove past the former Pines Cafe/Habanero Grill and was not really surprised to find it closed and surrounded by a chain link fence. Karma!
      Still looking for a replacement. Can't find great biscuits anywhere near L.A.

    2. Oh, no! Say it isn't so. The Pines had the best pancakes and chicken-fried steak. That was a cornerstone of my visits to Palmdale...