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Sep 30, 2008 08:24 PM

BETTER Than Mallomars???

I never buy Little Debbie products but, I was feeling especially thrifty yesterday and decided to try their Marshmallow Supremes ($1.59/box) 'cause they were right beside the checkout counter at Western Beef.

Got home, unwrapped one and...HOLY $#%T, these are fantastic !!! Way better than Mallomars even.The marshmallow was BIG and soft and the milk chocolate was delicious!

When I returned to Western Beef today they were completely sold out!!!

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  1. Just curious, I tried them once and found them to be much sweeter then mallomars. Did you notice that at all? If not, I'd try them again based on your rec. Thanks

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    1. re: michele cindy

      Hmmmm, I'll have to give them a try. The Mallomars here, not on sale, are $4.99 for 8 ounces, so they can keep them.

      1. re: dolores

        Got Mallomars yesterday, ($4.39 @ Met Foods) and I swear that they're shrinking. Anybody else notice that?

        1. re: efdee

          They shrunk a few years ago.

          1. re: jfood

            Go to their website and you can instantly find out which stores sell their products (AND, there;s even a feature that'll allow you to search which stores carry a particular item from their product line (i.e. Marshmallow Supremes").

            There's also a feature on there that allows you to take an online tour to see how their cookies are made.

            This is still a family-owned business!

            1. re: chocolatebirthdaycake

              Thanks CBC but probably responding to someone else.

              jfood will eat mallomars irrespective of size and cost. some people think $100 is a good price for wine, jfood thinks mallomars are a hug from Nabisco at almost any price.

      2. re: michele cindy

        What other Brooklyn stores might have those Little Debbie marshmallow cookies? It's not a familiar brand. TIA

        1. re: efdee

          (Meant to direct this reply to you...)

          Go to their website and you can instantly find out which stores sell their products (AND, there;s even a feature that'll allow you to search which stores carry a particular item from their product line (i.e. Marshmallow Supremes").

          1. re: efdee

            Oh! One more thing...Little Debbie also sells cookies that taste EXACTLY like the "Samoa" Girl Scout Cookies, they call them "German Chocolate" (Cookie rings with Caramel and Coconut). 11g of sugar per cookie, if anyone's interested.

            I think this company is replicating the country's favorite cookies at half the price. I'll have to try some more. I think a lot of Associated Supermarkets sell them too but check their website.

          2. re: michele cindy

            Yes, they are a bit sweet (15g of sugar each) BUT, if you "cut the sweetness" by (to borrow a wine phrase) "pairing" them with a glass of Whole Milk or 2% Milk, they are just terrific!

            1. re: chocolatebirthdaycake

              I believe they're only sold in the northeast, but several years ago, they started doing limited shipping to Florida because of the large number of transplanted New Yorkers there. I don't know the states where they're shipped, but on the box, they say that 70% of all the Mallomar sales are "in the shadow of the Big Apple" They're still a seasonal item because - unlike most of the cookies in the supermarkets - the coating is of actual chocolate which is sensitive to temperatures and they're also not loaded up with preservatives. When the Mallomars come out late September, they're usually on sale at $1.99 everywhere for one week. Then they go up to their usual price. I usually buy several boxes and freeze them. Yes, they're expensive, but worth it. People that like dark chocolate usually like them the most. I grew up on them, and I still live in the shadow of the Big Apple here in Northern New Jersey and about 40 minutes from Mallomar Central - East Hanover, NJ

              1. re: rozndon

                Mallomars used to be made in Toronto. Has that changed. Likewise jfood does not think the old Nabisco HQ in East Hanover had any stoves.

                1. re: rozndon

                  No, you're right - of course they don't. Duh!! East Hanover is the corporate office. Actually, I don't know where they're made. I live in Fair Lawn, NJ. The plant here used to make Oreos and 'Nilla Wafers and Animal crackers, but I don't know if they still do. All I know is that when those ovens are cooking, the air here sure smells good!!

                  1. re: rozndon

                    Hard to believe that NJ has a bad reputation on air quality sometimes. Jfood grew up downwind from Burry Biscuit and fell in love with the chocolate chip cookies.

                    1. re: jfood

                      I grew up near there too, Union (Elmora border to be specific). I fondly remember those really good cookie air days!

                      1. re: jfood

                        When I was a kid, I loved these:


                        Thanks for reminding me of Burry's!!

                        1. re: Striver

                          Thanks - that comment is right. What were they thinking. I'm just surprised the cowboy doesn't have a cig. hanging from his mouth!

              2. Years ago, you could only get Mallowmars in the winter months because they would melt down during shipping in the warmer weather. This is not so anymore, so something must have changed?

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                1. re: cavandre

                  When did that change. jfood thought mallomars were still a 8-10 month delicacy since they were made in Toronto and the shipping/melting season caused this issue.

                  1. re: jfood

                    Yup. We only started seeing them here in metro NY in the last week or so and the usually are gone sometime in May. I saw them at my friend's parents house Sunday night and my own parents house on Monday night. First sightings of the year. My father said that only in the very beginning of Mallowmar season, has he ever seen them on sale. They were two boxes for $6.00. Not on sale, almost five bucks a pop. So stock up early! :)

                    1. re: Justpaula

                      So funny...we refer to it as Mallomar season in our house, too. Haven't bought my first box yet, but have started seeing them in the stores in NYC.

                      1. re: susan1353

                        chocolatebirthdaycake, thanks for the recommendation. $2.99 (you got a bargain!) for eight big cookies, nine ounces in total, a way better deal than Mallomars.

                        They're very good, but they are quite sweet. Even I can only eat one at a time.

                        Are there other Little Debbie products that are as good? I've never before tried that brand.

                2. While at Costco the other day, not only were they sampling the Mallowmars (yes they look smaller) but they had a very large box for $8.49.

                  I remember years ago, there were Mallomar type cookies with a dollop of jelly between the cookie and marshmallow. They were delicious. At that time, there were also chocolate covered graham crackers with a layer of jelly. They used to be sold at Daitch (long gone supermarket) at their deli dept.

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                  1. re: jnk

                    I used to love the ones with the jelly in between. I have been looking for them but can't find them. Do they exist?

                    1. re: jnk

                      Whippets, made by Dare, are available plain, or with raspberry jelly. They'll do in a pinch, but Mallomars have my heart.

                    2. The original comment has been removed
                      1. I just stuffed 2 frozen mallowmars into my mouth mmmm. If you haven't tried frozen yet give it a go.