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Sep 30, 2008 07:50 PM

Did my research, revised Itin, pls comment...

After hours of grueling research, this is what we have come up with........

Day 1) Sunday - flea markets clingancourt...sacre coeur...Montmarte...walk around Marais area
Lunch: Either Chez Janou or Falafel at L'as du Falafel (in the Marais area would you recommend something better? or this is OK? We considered heading back to where we are staying in the Montparnasse area to check out La Cagouille (we both love seafood)
evening...something small around our hotel before checking in early, rest.

Day 2) Eiffle Tower,Notre Dame,St. Chapelle
----->Lunch while walking, find something small to eat around (Latin Quarter)
Dinner: Bateaux Mouches (we really wanted to do this our first time to Paris)

Day 3) Versailles.........It's a Tuesday. We are going to email a few places to make reservations including Le Regalade. Not doing lunch as we do not know when we're getting back from Versailles. We are trying to find an excellent rated restaurant for less than 100E.

Day 4) Musee D'Orsay/Louvre (open late Wednesdays)
Lunch: Carre' des Fuillants (this review sounds SO good!!)
Something small later on in the day after the Louvre.

We took out Moulin Rouge since we rather put the money towards better food.
Laduree, hot cocoa, crepes...pick these things up along the way.

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  1. You have lessened you load, good for you. Good falafel place in St Michel rat warren towards Shakespeare, on a corner, l think better than As, even a small place to sit, which As does not have. Carre for lunch was super, treated me, a single, as family; Lovely experience and beautiful place. Go to Musee d'Orsay first, then see if you have strength for even the '30' minute Louvre. Great Emil Nolde exhibit at the Grand Palais now, opportunity to see one of the best Fauvists and see the newly refurbished Grand Palais

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    1. re: Delucacheesemonger

      Am intrigued by falafel place -- can you give any more specifics?

      Also, I believe L'As du Falafel does have tables, n'est-ce pas?

      1. re: Cookingthebooks

        yes, l'as has two rooms with seating - it can be a little tight, and prices are a bit higher than take-out, but i've never had a problem getting a seat

        another option in the marais is the breizh cafe, which is outstanding - it just depends on whether you're in the mood for crepes or falafel

        delucacheesemonger is right - don't try to do the musée d'orsay and the louvre in the same day. it's way too much, and after multiple museums, you won't be in the mood to appreciate everything at the second museum

        1. re: patz

          Do you have an address for the breizh cafe -- or a nearby metro station?

          1. re: ccferg

            it's 109 rue vieille du temple in the 3rd

              1. re: Delucacheesemonger

                I think that Saint-Sébastien - Froissart (line 8) is the closest

                1. re: patz

                  l accept anyone's metro station corrections, think l know a lot, but do not; and checked address and you are correct, thanks

        2. re: Cookingthebooks

          Next time by, will get name and address for you

          1. re: Cookingthebooks

            I'm guessing that Delucacheesemonger means Maoz (franchise based in Holland). Their gimmick is an unlimited self-service salad bar for your falafel. The chips are good, too.

            1. re: DeppityDawg

              You are the man, when my memory goes, there is a hound to help me, the carrots and beets, are worth the trip; thanks for the memory boost