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Sep 30, 2008 07:32 PM

Dumont Burger Rant

I live around the corner from DB and have generally had good experiences. Tonight, I ordered takeout and they forgot to include cheese and mushrooms on one of the burgers. It had been a long day and was simply looking forward to my overpriced haute fast food, so I didn't want to blow things out of proportion, but felt compelled to call and let them know, especially since I had waited about :30. I was put on hold, manager eventually picked up and said the best they could do would be to credit me for the missing accoutrements, i.e. $4.

I pointed out that the fact that we ordered something that wasn't delivered is worth more than comping the missing items. At that point though, I kind of retreated since I felt that their approach said it all. Is this a fair response on their part, to offer the amount off the bill that was originally asked for but botched on their part? And doesn't the mini-Devlin empire make enough in the burg to be a bit more gracious after they make mistakes?

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  1. It's never fun when that happens and half ruins your dinner, but what did you want from them? I think it's fair to just credit the missing items. It was probably their attitude that made you more angry- because they definitely have it - at the take out counter anyway. On a side note, it's amazing they have a new expanded area/shop for take out and *still* it takes 30+ mins to get one burger and fries at that joint!

    Too bad Williamsburger doesn't compare (IMO), have you tried that place yet?

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      I guess I was frustrated since my order came to $50 and they didn't try to take the sting out of it by comping something since it was their mistake. I had a beer while waiting for the order. That would have sufficed. Or the green salad. Just tactless service.

      Haven't been to Williamsburger mostly due to the name but will try it eventually. There's no lack of places that serve a good burger so you would think DB would take the high road when the time arises.

    2. They should have offered:

      #1 - come back now and we'll correct the order and refund your $$ for the meal which was wrong (and it's easy for them to offer b/c the likelihood is that now that you're settled at home, you won't come back out anyway!)

      #2 - I am so sorry, why don't you come back and the next time you dine with us the burger is on me (knowing there's a 50/50 chance that someone will take advantage)

      So often it really is "the thought that counts" and like another poster said, it sounds like the attitude is what has you most miffed (deservedly so). It doesn't take a lot to do right by the customer, unfortunately many places don't bother.