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Sep 30, 2008 07:21 PM

Crazy Decadent Desserts

I'm trying to come up with a list: Who has the most obscenely decadent desserts in LA? Not just sinful, but outrageously priced, too. Thanks!!

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  1. - Copetta at Pizzaria Mozza : Caramel gelato, crisp cookie, (plenty of ooey) marshmallow, salted peanuts. A guilty, guilty pleasure. $9

    - Creme Brulee at Comme Ca : Essentially sweet vanilla butter with caramelized sugar on top. So much more rich than your average vanilla creme brulee. $8

    I'm not so sure about 'outrageously priced'. These seem pretty standard in price (for mid- level dining), but I thought they stood out among what you'd normally think of as decadent, namely, chocolate desserts.

    1. Basil infused Panna Cotta at Sapphire's in Laguna good!

      1. the meyer lemon souffle served with berry/mint sorbet at jiraffe.
        can't remember the price

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          Cynthia's Blackberry Cobbler - massive in size and priced at 9 dollars, or maybe more now

          SimonLA's Junk Food Platter at the Sofitel

          Butterscotch Budino at Mozza

          Desserts at Cut are 14 bucks - the apricot vol-au-vent was good (is it still there?) and the chocolate pudding cake

          Chocolate Mille-Feuille at Hatfield's - double digit price

          Mastro's Butter Cake

          ...ever read this?

        2. Second Simon LA's junk food platter...$25 bucks, comes with homeade snowballs, rice krispy treats (choc and vanilla,) cookies, cupcakes, kettle corn, cotton candy and a shake. I may be forgetting something, too.

          1. The dessert tasting menu at Providence! Ranges from $30 to $50, for 3 to 8 courses ($40 to $80 with wine pairing). In my experience the desserts tend to be light on the palate rather than super-rich, but I find it rather decadent to have several courses of delicious desserts!

            For a single dessert, the peanut butter truffle cake at Hatfield's is pretty decadent. Probably around $9 but I'm not sure.

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              ooh yes, the molten peanut butter chocolate cake with salted caramel ice cream and chocolate sauce is lick-the-plate good mmmmmmmm