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Really good dinner @ Mustard Seed Cafe

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The girl and I dropped by here after getting some boxes across the street just because it was convenient, and we were pleasantly surprised by the food. We had only gotten takeout lunch here once and I think I remember it being good. Apparently they just opened for dinner. I got the turkey club which was on a really good crusty roll, great turkey, crisp bacon, good avocado. Solid sandwich. Ask for mayo though because it's a little dry. I got coleslaw on the side which could use a little work. It was red cabbage sliced pretty thickly but the dressing was nice and light and had an interesting flavor of toasted fennel or something in there.

The girl got the chicken piccatta, which I always laugh at when I see it on menus because its...well...chicken piccatta. The ol' standard that is rarely good and usually involves premade sauce that's super thick and dried out chicken. When our plates were dropped I tasted the sauce and was shocked. It was like the piccatta sauce made at Osteria Mozza (the one with the sweetbreads). It was light, lemony, capery, buttery, just very good. Chicken was moist and tender. Mashed potatoes were smooth and well seasoned. Green vegetables were perfectly cooked and seasoned (they cut the seeds out of the zucchini!), and were nice and vibrantly green. It could have been the green vegetables served at Vincenti.

Water is filtered, service was prompt and super friendly, and the restaurant was....dead. Because they just opened for dinner and I guess they haven't gotten the word out. If I'm in the area I'll definitely be back as I feel there's a shortage of decent eats around there. Dinner menu isn't super long which is always a good sign, and prices range from 10-15 bucks or so if I recall. Our total for the sandwich and chicken was 24 before tip.

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  1. Thank you for the report Foodude. I haven't been there in years. I will keep it in mind when in the area.

    1. forgot the address:
      1948 Hillhurst Ave
      Los Angeles, CA 90027
      (323) 660-0670

      1. I'll have to make a return visit. I have had an excellent burger and a couple of other sandwiches here but it has been 3 or 4 years! Thanks for the reminder, they kinda slipped off of my radar!