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Sep 30, 2008 06:21 PM

Off to Merimbula. Rec's please.

FINALLY got some leave.. 2 weeks, with 8 nights in Merimbula.

Never been there, so any recs on what to see, do and eat would be luvverely.


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  1. can't think of anywhere in merimbula itself, but the narooma blues & rockabilly festival is on just up the road this weekend.

    glad you finally got some downtime, pg. have fun & don't forget to rest.

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    1. re: fooftales

      Not off until the 28th of Oct. (26 sleeps, not that I am counting!)

      What's good in Narooma? Maybe you need to got to the Blues Fest and do a recce for me ;)

      1. re: purple goddess

        Restaurant at Whale Motor Inn Narooma was pretty good when we visited 18 months ago.

    2. fish.
      i would have thought.
      i think they dive for abalone around merimbula as well (remember something about a shark attack on one of the divers a year or so ago).