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Sep 30, 2008 06:10 PM

Dinner Rec in Albany- Near Medical Center

I will be staying in Albany for one night (a Sunday Evening) at the Hilton Garden Inn on New Scotland across form the SUNY medical center. I would really appreciate a dinner rec nearby, and perhaps breakfast the next morning. Nothing fancy. Many thanks.

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  1. One recommendation for both meals: Cafe Madison is a cozy bistro at night, and the best breakfast spot in Albany in the daytime. Just a quick drive from the Albany Medical Center, maybe five minutes. Not fancy, not expensive, just the ticket. Enjoy.

    Cafe Madison
    1108 Madison Ave # 1, Albany, NY

    1. While you didn't ask about lunch, I must mention Debbie's Kitchen (456 Madison Ave). It's about a 10-15 minute walk from the hospital. Lark street is a major cross street nearby. If you have time, you can take your food to eat across the street in Washington park. They have fantastic sandwiches. If you go, save room for the chocolate peanut butter bar (or any of the brownies or cookies).
      A recommendation for dinner is Peking restaurant. It's right near Cafe Madison. I've always liked what I have ordered there and especially like their dumplings.

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        Thanks so much. I won't be in Albany for lunch. I am stopping in Albany for the night on my way home to Toronto from Providence, Rhode Island and actually won't be in/visiting the hospital. (this is a good thing). The menus at Cafe Madison and Peking and Alibis look great. I am so appreciative of the great recs I have received on Chowhound.

        1. re: sherry f

          Even closer than those - just about 3 or 4 blocks down New SCotland is the Midtown Tea and Tap Room, which has tapas and sandwiches, and the Fountain for very good pizza.
          I agree - Cafe Madison is very good - but a long walk.
          A little closer is LArk Street with several good restaurants - I would recommend Justins and also El Loco (mexican) on Madison near Lark.

          1. re: LJNew

            Thanks very much for the recs. I went to Cafe Madison on Sunday evening. I was actually the only diner there, and I felt badly about it. It was nice chatting with the waitstaff.

            I had a nice glass of the house Pinot Noir and was very appreciative of the fact that the bartender opened a new bottle for me. I had the microgreens salad with pear and goat cheese and a second app- the sushi special as my main. They were both very tasty.