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a new affordable yet yummy place with ambiance dwntwn?

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hi all,

looking for a new spot (or a spot i haven't tried) to bring a friend from out of town.

i'm looking for a place with a good buzz/vibe (doesn't have to be swank, but Insomnia is a good example) but really good food (like that found at Utopia) with a variety of types of food (think Butler's Pantry) and a sweet beer/wine list (Cafe Volo anyone?), relatively affordable (mains under $20) and near the subway or streetcar (within reason). we'll do indian (love Kathmandu), thai, tapas, Med (LOVE mezzetta and tabule) japanese/sushi, upscale pub (Abbot on the Hill, Granite Brewery - love 'em), local fare (quince), pretty much anything, as long as there's a meaty choice for the boys and a seafood choice for me.

so, where haven't i been? Grace...Sidecar...Pomegranate on College...Harbord Room...Momo's...Boulevard Cafe...and many many more.

so what's the best?

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  1. Sidecar is a winner the 22 dollar menu from Sunday to Wednesday is a can't miss deal.

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      I went to Sidecar recently and while I agree it is a great price for 22 dollars, the service leaves very little to be desired.