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Sep 30, 2008 05:00 PM

Urban Campfire finally biting the dust? -PHX

Well, take this with a grain of salt after the last scare, but it looks like this is the end for the original Urban Campfire. Those of us who have been waiting for them to reopen are just a bit disappointed.

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  1. It seemed something was amiss after emailing and calling them several times over a couple of weeks to see about doing a going away party there. Nothing big - I simply wanted to know if they'd be open in Oct. - but never got a reply. In any case, it still seems possible they'll open, sans a key partner.

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      1. Urban Campfire is still open! My boyfriend went there for lunch today and said the menu seemed sparse but the food was still good (he said the ribs were actually better than the last time he had them there). Looking forward to seeing the new decor and getting some grub.

        1. I went on the 2nd, and while it's good, it's definitely not the same Campfire without Stempkowski. The deviled egg amuse bouche is gone, the more upscale items are gone, and the food just isn't quite as good. The mac & cheese side was a broken, oily mess that shouldn't have been served in the first place; the meats didn't have any pizzazz (did they stop using the smoker?). The ribs on the plate were good, but that's a pretty low signal-to-noise ratio. I'm looking forward to finding out about Stempkowski's next venture.

          1. We tried UC last weekend. Tara enjoyed her sliders and sweet potato chips. My 1/2 lb burger was terrible. The first try at a medium-well burger had a horrible, charred acrid flavor. They tried a second burger that was cooked to medium, but still had a horrible, charred acrid flavor. They are the worst burgers I've had in my memory in a restaurant. How can you screw up TWO burgers on a grill? We won't be returning. There are better options elsewhere. Too bad. We really enjoyed our previous visits to the old version.

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              A couple of things to add: While they were cooking his second burger, they brought out a brisket slider for him. I thought that was a very nice touch. I enjoyed my pulled pork and brisket sliders and yam chips. However, there's better barbecue to be had elsewhere. And now that I've perfected the art of sweet potato fries at home, that isn't a big pull either. I didn't mind my lunch at all.

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                Were they still sprinkling the yam chips with thyme? When I went last, they had run out of yams.