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Sep 30, 2008 04:27 PM

Waco Food?

Going to the OU/Baylor game this weekend and looking for somewhere to eat afterwards. I have heard recommendation of George's.

I also know there is Heitmillers Steak House in Elm Mott.

Any recommendations? We are going to eat after the game. Looking for $15 and under.

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  1. Heitmiller's is comfort food for native Wacoans. The atmosphere is 1970s casual and if you grew up in Texas, there was a cafe like this in every town. It's basic and will not be a disappointment if you're not expecting greatness.

    Elite Cafe on the roundabout has been there a long time and has been good when I've visited. Buzzard Billy's is fun and high-energy downtown and I think I saw their name on the north side of the riverbank, also. It's "Cajun" and at least Razoo-good.

    I'm not from there, but those places at least will not leave you disappointed.

    1. Sooner,

      As a BU alum, and will be at the game also, unfortunately Waco is kind of a culinary wasteland. We generally go to Georges, before and after. It is a very old-school bar/grill. It's been there since the 50's and they welcome all commers. Burgers, CFS, and the like all washed down with a famous Big-O (Schooner of ice cold beer). Kids ok there if that's an issue. George's would be rec. It's right off 35 at the 17th-18th street exit on the west side.

      1. Grab a burger and shake at Health Camp and head north ASAP. Boomer.

        1. Dear Sooner,

          As a long-time resident of the Waco Area I must tell you that Waco is FULL of great food, but you must get away from the I-35 and Baylor areas to find it - with the exception of Buzzard Billy's at its new location right on the river at I-35. I'll start with Buzzard Billy's Armadillo Bar and Grillo. Super Cajun/Creole fare. The best Bananas Foster in town and great Chicken "Alfredeaux" .

          For burgers, you will want to go to Captain Billy's (901 Lake Air Dr.) or Double-R Burgers (1810 Herring Ave.) - owned and operated by brothers.

          For BBQ, you can try Jasper's (105 Clifton St.) if you want the REAL thing - meat hand rubbed with spices and then slow cooked over a hot bed - but it's not quite the same atmosphere since they covered the dirt floor with concrete. Your choices on the menu are an "order" or a "half order." Then there is Uncle Dan's BBQ. Actually quite famous - they ship anywhere in the world in 24 hours. (And you may even see Dan behind the counter - 1001 Lake Air Dr.)

          For fine dining, the newest ritz is called The Green Room - downtown across from the historic Hippodrome Theater. You would also like 1424, at (you guessed it) 1424 Washington Ave. The White Chocolate Bread Pudding is heaven!

          For high-dollar and high class fare you might try Diamond Back's downtown at the The River Square Center on Franklin Ave. near the river. (It will take 3 or more people to get-on-the-outside-of the Chocolate Sack, as my granddad would have said.)

          Also at the River Square Center you will find some great Sushi at Teriyaki Park. And two doors down is what I think is the best kept secret in Waco - Bangkok Royale. The peanut dressing on the salad is only the beginning of a delightful palate party. In the same shopping/dining center is Cricket's Grille with a fun atmosphere, American fare and a wall of imported beer taps. (But that's all I would know about that - I think they should pour all it back in the horse, myself.) Across the street at Heritage Square is a great little deli, the Olive Branch Bakery.

          Often voted the best Mexican food in Central Texas is a local favorite, La Fiesta (Franklin Ave. at Valley Mills) - but it is not traditional American-Mex or Tex-Mex - it is closer to the real thing. So also is Lolita's - super breakfast and great menu items for lunch also. (Lolita operates her establishment at 1911 Franklin Ave.) If you want the truest, real Mexican cuisine, there is a good spot on Waco Dr. at 17th, El Charro Tapapio. It helps here if you speak Spanish. (Go to Rosa's or Taco Cabana for Tex-Mex.)

          And then there are always the common chain restaurants, but then you can eat at those when you are back at home, right?

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          1. re: thechemmaestro

            I'm going to be up in Waco for several days and have been researching Waco threads. In particular, Mexican restaurants. In another Waco thread, a chap from Australia was lamenting the dearth of non-cheese-based Mexican dishes in Waco.

            I note that this thread mentions several Mexican restaurants, and says that these three places feature more "authentic" Mexican dishes.

            I'm wondering if these places are still open, still good, and what you nice folks would recommend there in the way of non-cheese-based entrees:

            La Fiesta
            El Charro Tapapio

            1. re: Jaymes

              My brother loves Lolita's (I am not a fan of Mexican food at all). He lives in the US Virgin Islands now and anytime he comes home he asks for Lolita's beef fajita with salsa. It is kinda a hole in the wall type place, but according to my brother and dad very, very good.

              My Waco recommendations are Cathay House on Wooded Acres just off Valley Mills Drive. I love their Chicken in Garlic Sauce or Hunan Beef. Their Hot and Sour Soup is also a favorite of mine and my sister. I live in Dallas now and I have not found any Chinese food as good (yet). BTW, I think that they are closed Mondays.

              Also, Uncle Dan's was just introduced to me this past week. I love Potato Salad, but I hate onions so it is a rarity for me to go out to eat and love the potato salad. But Uncle Dan's Yellow Potato Salad is awesome! I see that someone posted that they will ship to you, maybe I can get some potato salad here STAT. Yummy. The BBQ beef was also very good.

              Cathay House
              825 Wooded Acres Dr, Waco, TX 76710