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Sep 30, 2008 04:15 PM

A simple chicken soup: remove skin or not?

I'm about to make one of my fave soups: a simple chicken soup (3 chicken legs and a thigh) with some potatoes, carrots, green onions, onions, and perhaps celery. I always make this soup (love the broth) but never know whether I'm supposed to remove the skin from the chicken or not.

Do you remove the skin from your chicken when making soup?

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  1. I'm probably in the minority on this one, but I prefer to remove the skin.

    I don't find that the skin adds anything beyond making the soup a bit greasy.

    That said, when I make chicken stock with chicken feet, there's really no meat on them feet, it's all skin ... and I love stock made from chicken feet. Go figure.

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      I usually remove the skin as well, but if bits of skin get added, I don't worry about it. And, the feet add wonderful flavour to the stock.

    2. leave it on and skim the fat off later

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        Ditto!! Or remove the skin and brown it under the broiler before adding it into the soup mix; then strain it out at the end and skim off the fat.

      2. I leave the skin on, actually it never occurred to me that I want to remove.

        Although, when I make chicken stock I usually like to reserve the chicken from the stock, allow it to cool and then pick the meat off. The skin in this case is very useful as the texture and flavour of the meat is much nicer (moist and tender) than any of the flesh that was exposed during the stock making.

        1. For an interesting twist on chicken soup, try making it with turkey sometime. My mom made it with chicken ever since I can remember but tried it with turkey last year to use up some thanksgiving leftovers. It had a lot more flavor than I remember the chicken soup ever having.

          1. I leave the skin on, too. I often brown the chicken pieces first (when I use legs) before adding the water. To me, the broth is richer this way. Last night I made broth with a bunch of chicken necks I had saved from whole chickens. I simmered them in the crock pot overnight. Gorgeous looking broth, I must say. Can't wait to turn it into our favorite Romanian meatball soup.