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Sep 30, 2008 03:52 PM

Seattle Area Bakeries

Hello Everyone!

Visiting Seattle next week and want to go to some great bakeries. Have been to Macrina Bakery many times, and the last few visits it seems to have been slipping. Love Top Pot for doughnuts! Does anyone have any suggestions for great bakeries in the Seattle area?


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  1. Belle Epicurean is good for sweet rolls. If you would like to take a ferry, the Blackbird Bakery on Bainbridge Island is very good.

    1. Depends on if you have a car or not. My three favorite bakeries for bread are: Dahlia Bakery, Columbia City Bakery, and Tall Grass Bakery. If you are more interested in pastries, I won't be much help. I have had some of the sweets at Columbia City and enjoyed them, but was not blown away. The Dahlia Bakery is probably better in that department. I've only had bread (from the farmers market) from Tall Grass.

      If you like donuts, I would recommend the Daily Dozen place in the market; as much as I love Top Pot, nothing can beat a bag of those warm little guys.

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        Columbia City--amazing quality and consistency across the board. Try the campagne, walnut levain, and the crossaints.

      2. Carrie, Bakery Nouveau in West Seattle has fabulous bread and pastries. (The baker is from Paris where he won the Paris baking competition two year's ago.) Well worth seeking out.

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          I don't believe William Leaman is from France. He won the Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie 2005 (World Cup of Baking) for the United States and has been a Seattle resident for many years.

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            Bakery Nouveau is my favorite in town, esp. if you're looking for something more like a patisserie. Dahlia Bakery is great for high quality American stuff.

        2. How can there be four posts and no one mention Cafe Besalu? The best croissants this side of Paris.

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              north hill bakery on 15th ave east is great for homey american desserts

          1. will you have a car or be doing public transport? If you are just downtown sans car, we just got a box of tasty birthday treat pastries from Grand Central Bakery in Pioneer Square. No complaints on anything and the price was not over the top. As much as I like Columbia City's bagette, the pastry price is a bit high and I can't seem to walk out with birthday treats for under $25. I've had very tasty pastry from Dahlia courtesy of a co-worker but I have no idea of the cost.

            I would hit Columbia City for a bagette over Tall Grass but I love Tall Grass' hominy bread---lightly toasted with a bit of butter.

            I also like Cafe Bres' croissant.